Bryan Bickell on His Battle with MS

Plus, the challenges of balancing relationships with the game.

On the latest episode of the Post Game podcast, host Trevor Huffman is joined by two-time Stanley Cup Champion Bryan Bickell and his wife Amanda, to speak about life after hockey, and Bryan’s battle with multiple sclerosis.

Over the course of the interview, Bryan and Amanda also discuss how Bryan tore his MCL and stole a knee brace from Marian Hossa to keep playing in the playoffs, how difficult it is to keep friends after your hockey career is over, what it was like spending his summers as a co-op student cleaning out the Senators locker room to playing with those same guys, what it felt like to win a Cup, how difficult it was to win a second one, the challenges of balancing a relationship with being a pro athlete, and his post-playing days obsession with fishing.

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Trevor Huffman
Trevor Huffman
Trevor Huffman is a two-time NBA failure and a 12-year European pro point guard dropping dimes and telling inspiring sports stories on what really happens inside the huddles and minds of pro athletes.


  1. Thanks for sharing that story on Bickle as my wife is going tomorrow for a lumbar puncture they have already found white spots on an MRI of her brain which they think are lesions associated with MS She has been having spastic movement on the rt side of her body hand and leg for the last 4 or 5 mos it’s devastating she is 47 yrs of age. I also suffered a brain injury 5 yrs ago due to ensypholytis.


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