Grandstand Staff

Grandstand Staff
Art Shamsky Amazin' Mets

Art Shamsky on Aging and the Amazin’ Mets

Plus, his thoughts on the Hall and missing out on the Big Red Machine.
Julie Heldman

Julie Heldman on Peyote, Billie Jean King, and Her Bipolar Disorder

Plus, the backroom politics that led to her getting blacklisted from NBC.
Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque on Veganism and Entrepreneurship

Plus, looking back on what his career means to him today.
ESPN Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst on His First Gig, Antonio Gates, and Kent State’s Cinderella Run

Plus, Windhorst on the differences between covering college basketball and the NBA.
Canada legalizing marijuana sports

Welcome to Weed Week

Yes Weed Can.Three years after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power promising to legalize pot, Canada will officially become the second country...
Sports in China

Which Sport is Winning the Race for the Soul of China?

Examining the international expansion strategies of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB as they take their games into the land of the Red Dragon.

Why Is the NFL So Far Behind the NBA on Social Issues?

The panel looks at the underlying factors and differences between the NBA’s and NFL’s stances on progress and protest.

How Niche Sports Are Using Emerging Technology to Go Mainstream

The panel looks at how advancements in technology could tip the scales for sports on the fringe.
Revisiting the NBA Dress Code and Attack on Hip-Hop Culture

Revisiting the NBA Dress Code and Attack on Hip-Hop Culture

While it’s hard to imagine now, the league once set out to sever ties between music and the game.
Why we need to remove cotton picking from our vocabulary

Why ‘Cotton Picking’ Needs to be Wiped From Our Vocabulary

The GSC panel weighs in on Brian Davis’ use of the word “cotton-picking” during an NBA broadcast.