Dan Szczepanek


Dan Szczepanek is the founder and Editor in Chief of Grandstand Central, an outlet he helped launch in 2017. Yes, this is the best photo of him we could find.

Riley Evans

Multimedia Director

Riley Evans is the Multimedia Editor for Grandstand Central, where he writes about athlete mental health, identity politics and how they interact with the world of sports.

Kyle McLaren

Director of Social and Outreach

Kyle McLaren is the Director of Social and Outreach for Grandstand Central. He likes 3 things in life: Sports, food, and hip-hop.

Serge Leshchuk

Digital Content Producer

Serge Leshchuk is a senior writer at Grandstand Central, number one Process devotee and nihilist Raptors fan who also does video production.

Anthony Varriano


Anthony Varriano is a writer, editor, and podcast host at Grandstand Central. He spent six years as a newspaper journalist, columnist, sportswriter, and photographer.

Brandon Anderson


Brandon Anderson is a senior writer and editor for Grandstand Central. As a lifelong Vikings and Cubs fan, he is perpetually waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Cindy Ho

Full Stack Developer

Cindy Ho is the IT person for Grandstand Central, asking people to turn their computers off and on before Googling how to resolve their IT issues. She is a hardcore fan of Brad Stevens and all things Boston Celtics.

Seth Waterman

Business Development

Seth Waterman is the business development director for Grandstand Central. He’s passionate about the intersection of sports and culture, which means connecting sponsors and advertisers to the Grandstand family is a dream come true.

Yelena Knight


Yelena is a writer for GrandStand Central, using her experience in competitive figure skating, women’s rights advocacy, and law to inform her writing.

Alex Tomaszewski

Graphic Design Lead

Alex Tomaszewski is the lead graphic designer at Grandstand Central. He's responsible for the outlet's look and visual language. Using perspective, typography, layout and other essential elements to create effective imagery for our brand and culture. He has over 10+ years of experience and currently operates his own marketing & design firm.

Dr. Rajpal Brar


Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT, is a writer for Grandstand Central with a background in coaching, business, and strategy. He’s also the owner of 3CB Performance, a wellness and athletic development/performance clinic in West Los Angeles & Valencia.

Al Neal


Al Neal is a columnist writing on politics, labor relations, and the general rabble-rousing in professional sports. He spent a decade working in the trade union movement with various locals across the country, and currently serves as Dir. of Education and Advocacy for the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society.

Trevor Huffman


Trevor Huffman is a two-time NBA failure and a 12-year European pro point guard dropping dimes and telling inspiring sports stories on what really happens inside the huddles and minds of pro athletes.

Gord Randall

Writer / Podcast Host

Gord Randall is a senior writer and podcast host for Grandstand Central, and a teacher by trade. He is also the lead analyst on “Krown Countdown U” on CHCH TV and CBCSports.ca. In his spare time, he is the head coach of a high school football program in Vancouver, BC.

Afi Ahmed

Writer / Podcast Host

Afi Ahmed is a writer and podcast host at Grandstand Central where he enjoys writing about race and religion. He devotes part of his time volunteering for multiple different organizations, and is also known as the ‘King of Hot Takes’, a title which he bestowed upon himself.

Parker Goss


Parker Goss is a senior writer for Grandstand Central, where he covers gambling, esports, and fan culture. A former collegiate bowler at the University of Illinois, Parker has spent the past four years operating recreational leagues and officiating.

Alex Scantlebury

Writer / Podcast Host

Alex Scantlebury is a writer and podcast host for Grandstand Central. He's a former football and basketball player who grew up in Windsor, Ontario -- Canada’s football hotbed. Alex spends his days as a professor of Media Dynamics, and Writing for Media and Communication at Algonquin College, in Ottawa.

Steve Marston


Steve Marston is a columnist at Grandstand Central writing about the intersection of culture, politics, and power in sports. Drawing on a background in critical cultural studies, he focuses on the ways that ideas form and circulate through social/mass media.

Ben Beecken


Ben Beecken is a senior writer for Grandstand Central, focusing on the business and culture of the game. Before coming to GSC, he spent nearly a decade working in minor league baseball front office operations.

Christian Holmes


Christian Holmes is a senior writer for Grandstand Central, where he covers hockey and mental health. His story about his lifelong love affair with hockey will appear in Bob McKenzie and Jim Lang’s new book entitled "Everyday Hockey Heroes: Inspirational Stories On and Off The Ice".