Each week, hosts Kyle McLaren and Afi Ahmed (and occasionally, Producer Riles) roll back the clock and review a pivotal moment in sports history, explaining what led to it, what’s come since, and the lasting impact of that moment in time.

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Men's 100 metre final

Why We Question The Greatest Olympic Event

The biggest moment of their careers coincide with the greatest 10 seconds we'll ever witness.

2006 Rose Bowl: The Greatest National Championship Game

RTT takes a look at the Greatest National Championship game we've ever seen.
NBA one and done rule

The ‘One-and-Done’ Rule Changed Basketball for a Generation

Was implementing the one-and-done rule the right decision? Or did the league go too far?
Wayne Gretzky game changer

The Gretzky Trade Isn’t Any Less Shocking Today

30 years later, the deal that shook hockey is still being felt throughout the league.
Vince Carter 2000 NBA dunk contest

Re-visiting the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest

A deep dive into what Vince Carter has meant for basketball in Canada.
Sports moments we don't remember

The Biggest Sports Moments Nobody Talks About Anymore

On the latest episode of Roll the Tape, Afi Ahmed and Kyle McLaren take a look back at the people and plays you won't find on any highlight reels.
How Tiger Woods surpassed Jack Nicklaus as the best golfer.

Tiger Woods Has Swallowed The Bear

The defining elements of Tiger’s resume that elevate him over Jack Nicklaus as the greatest player to ever touch a golf club.

The Domino Effect of the Tuck Rule

How one moment in the 2002 NFL playoffs changed the fate of the league forever.
Revisiting the NBA Dress Code and Attack on Hip-Hop Culture

Revisiting the NBA Dress Code and Attack on Hip-Hop Culture

While it’s hard to imagine now, the league once set out to sever ties between music and the game.