Afi Ahmed

Afi Ahmed
Men's 100 metre final

Why We Question The Greatest Olympic Event

The biggest moment of their careers coincide with the greatest 10 seconds we'll ever witness.

2006 Rose Bowl: The Greatest National Championship Game

RTT takes a look at the Greatest National Championship game we've ever seen.
NBA one and done rule

The ‘One-and-Done’ Rule Changed Basketball for a Generation

Was implementing the one-and-done rule the right decision? Or did the league go too far?
Wayne Gretzky game changer

The Gretzky Trade Isn’t Any Less Shocking Today

30 years later, the deal that shook hockey is still being felt throughout the league.
Vince Carter 2000 NBA dunk contest

Re-visiting the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest

A deep dive into what Vince Carter has meant for basketball in Canada.
Sports moments we don't remember

The Biggest Sports Moments Nobody Talks About Anymore

On the latest episode of Roll the Tape, Afi Ahmed and Kyle McLaren take a look back at the people and plays you won't find on any highlight reels.
Team prayers and how they can alienate players

Why God Needs to be Kept Out of the Huddle

The case against one team, one prayer.
The NBA's Drug Policy and why the league banned medical marijuana

Why the NBA Banned Medical Marijuana

A look at the history of prohibition, and how it came about.
NBA owners want access to players' mental health records

The NBA Needs to Stay out of Its Players’ Mental Health Records

If the NBA really wants to provide their players with support, they’ll let them seek it confidentially.
Athlete Pensions and the time it takes to earn them

Athlete Pensions, and the Time It Takes to Earn Them

When it comes to planning for retirement, no two professional leagues are the same.