Re-visiting the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest

A deep dive into what Vince Carter has meant for basketball in Canada.

Roll the Tape hosts Afi Ahmed and Kyle McLaren discuss a topic dear to their hearts—Vince Carter’s impact on basketball in Canada. 

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Show notes:
  • The 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest [0:54]
  • Did the Dunk Contest establish the Vince Carter aura? [4:30]
  • If Vince wins a dud of a contest, is it a moment we still talk about? [10:00]
  • How much of an impact did Vince Carter have on Canadian basketball? [17:30]
  • If Vince Carter doesn’t exist, what is the moment of the early Toronto Raptors?  [29:42]
  • Could the Raptors have survived as a franchise without a superstar like Carter? [32:45]
  • Regardless of tenure, who is the best player in a Raptors uniform? [38:30]
  • What is the meaning of Vince Carter? [45:37]
  • Hot Take Corner [48:00]
Notable Mentions:

Demar DeRozan | Chris Bosh | Steve Francis | Tracy McGrady | CIA Bounce | U19 Canada basketball

Additional Reading:
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