Stem Cell Therapy

The Darker Reality of Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy

Orthopedic stem cell therapy may help with issues like tendon injuries and arthritis, but it’s critical you do your homework on providers first.

What’s up with the Lack of Body Diversity in Women’s Activewear?

While brands may talk a good game when it comes to positive body images, their offerings on the rack leave much to be desired.
Gruesome sports injuries

How We Became Obsessed With Gruesome Sports Injuries

The age of sports-media saturation has fed our long-enduring fascination with gruesome sports injuries, but why are we drawn to the grotesque?
Mountain Climbing

Step Outside and Climb a Mountain

We all crave outdoor adventures and trips to far away lands, but what does it mean to us? And what does it mean to others?

BodyArmor is the Sports Drink That Could Change Everything

Could the Gatorade monster be taken down by a start-up sports drink you’ve never heard of? BodyArmor is betting that it can shock the world by 2025.
Pain Rules to Guide Athletes Training

The Four Pain Rules to Guide Athletes’ Training

Activity and training is all about the right dose to optimize performance while preserving health. These four questions or "pain rules" will help you find that balance.
Quiet Eye Training

Quiet Eye Training is the Next Level of Athletic Development

How athletes can improve their hand-eye coordination through quiet eye training, and what that means for sport.

The NHL’s Discipline Circus is Going to Kill It

Hockey's flagship league can't get out of its own way when it comes to disciplining its players, and it's quickly reaching a crisis point.

The Problem with Body Image in Figure Skating

Figure skating is known for its grace, and beauty. But it's time we start talking about its dark secret - athletes with serious body image issues

Why Chronic Pain Can Lead to ‘The Yips’

Explaining hitches and alterations in movement via pain science.