Gord Randall

Gord Randall
Gord Randall is a senior writer and podcast host for Grandstand Central, who is a high school teacher by trade. He is also the lead analyst on “Krown Countdown U” on CHCH TV and CBCSports.ca. In his spare time, he also is the head coach of a high school football program in Vancouver, BC.
McGill redmen

McGill University Dumped the “Redmen” Nickname, and Somehow that’s Controversial

The Montreal university finally decided that 'enough is enough' with the Redmen nickname, shining light back on the debate of whether a term's origin is more important than its current connotation.

The NHL’s Discipline Circus is Going to Kill It

Hockey's flagship league can't get out of its own way when it comes to disciplining its players, and it's quickly reaching a crisis point.
Steph Curry, Athletes Ruining Our Brains

Our Sports Idols are Ruining our Brains

In the Anti-Intellectual age, celebrities and pro athletes are unwittingly providing the trigger for the revisiting of debates that were settled long ago.

What to Do When Nobody Wants the Olympics

It's time for the IOC to start thinking outside the box.

Sharks’ President Jonathan Becher on Silicon Valley, Gritty, and the Future of Fan Engagement

An inside look at how NHL teams are innovating in the front office.

Ross Rebagliati on Legalization, Jeff Sessions and Cannabis as a PED

The former gold medallist joins the program to discuss legalization and what it means for athletes in Canada and beyond.
Smartest athletes sports academic honour roll

The Athlete Honour Roll

Recognizing the smartest athletes in sports.
Ranking the most racist sports teams

The All-Racist Power Rankings

Counting down the team and personalities still acting like it's 1895.
Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights Are Here to Stay

How Vegas went from a risky ploy to the NHL’s model franchise.
Sedins brought out the worst in hockey culture

The Sedins Brought Out the Worst in Hockey Culture

Over the course of the legends' storied careers, one thing became clear - hockey still struggles to embrace players that aren't "from here".