Steve Marston

Steve Marston
Steve Marston is a columnist at Grandstand Central writing about the intersection of culture, politics, and power in sports. Drawing on a background in cultural studies, he focuses on the ways that ideas form and circulate through social/mass media.
1999 Summer of Swagger

Revisiting 1999: The Summer of Swagger

Twenty years later, a look back at 1999 reveals promise and prescience for American athletes on the global stage.
Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya and the “Mannish” Sportswoman

The IAAF’s sex-testing of Caster Semenya, sanctioned by this week’s court victory, reflects a long history of gender anxieties in sports.
Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

With his Masters victory, Tiger Woods once again embodied the nation's imaginary self.

Finding Básquet in the Land of Fútbol

A journey into the heart of Argentinian professional basketball.
Gruesome sports injuries

How We Became Obsessed With Gruesome Sports Injuries

The age of sports-media saturation has fed our long-enduring fascination with gruesome sports injuries, but why are we drawn to the grotesque?