Dr. Rajpal Brar

Dr. Rajpal Brar
Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT, is a writer for Grandstand Central with a background in coaching, business, and strategy. He’s the founder of his own sports blog/resource TheInjuryInsight and also writes for SilverScreenandRoll, ThisIsAnfield, and TheDoctorWeighsIn. He’s the owner of 3CB Performance, a wellness and athletic development/performance clinic in West Los Angeles & Valencia, CA.
cupping therapy

What is “cupping therapy” and does it actually work?

Cupping therapy came into the public eye when Olympian Michael Phelps was seen with circular bruise-type marks on his scapula (shoulder blade), neck, and shoulder. 
WNBA travel

The WNBA Travel Accommodations Problem

WNBA players are pro athletes. You wouldn't know that looking at how they're forced to travel.
WNBA CBS Sports TV Deal

WNBA, CBS Sports Deal is a Start 23 Years in the Making

The WNBA doubling their national TV schedule is a step in the right direction, but what comes after will be even more important for the league’s success.
WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart

The WNBA Lost Its MVP to an Avoidable Injury

Many WNBA players play in Europe to augment their salaries, resulting in year-round basketball and increased risk of injury.
Stem Cell Therapy

The Darker Reality of Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy

Orthopedic stem cell therapy may help with issues like tendon injuries and arthritis, but it’s critical you do your homework on providers first.
Rich Paul Klutch Sports

Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports is Disrupting the Agency World

Klutch Sports and CEO Rich Paul are steadily increasing their foothold in the NBA agency world while shaking up the status quo at every turn.
Pain Rules to Guide Athletes Training

The Four Pain Rules to Guide Athletes’ Training

Activity and training is all about the right dose to optimize performance while preserving health. These four questions or "pain rules" will help you find that balance.
Quiet Eye Training

Quiet Eye Training is the Next Level of Athletic Development

How athletes can improve their hand-eye coordination through quiet eye training, and what that means for sport.

Why Chronic Pain Can Lead to ‘The Yips’

Explaining hitches and alterations in movement via pain science. 
Markelle Fultz injury

Why Medically Cleared Doesn’t Mean Ready to Play

An "all clear" from a doctor isn't the same as being pain– or hesitation–free.