Dr. Rajpal Brar

Dr. Rajpal Brar
Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT, is a writer for Grandstand Central with a background in coaching, business, and strategy. He’s the founder of his own sports blog/resource TheInjuryInsight and also writes for SilverScreenandRoll, ThisIsAnfield, and TheDoctorWeighsIn. He’s the owner of 3CB Performance, a wellness and athletic development/performance clinic in West Los Angeles & Valencia, CA.
How stress hijacks athletes' brains

How Stress Hijacks an Athlete’s Brain

Have you ever noticed that the calmest and most composed athletes are often the best? There’s a reason for that.
is weed a performance enhancing drug

Is Weed a Performance Enhancing Drug?

A look at the science behind how marijuana impacts the body, and what its use could mean for athletes.
The dangers of single sport specialization in youth athletics

The Dangers of Early Sport Specialization

Playing only one sport from a young age can have major consequences.
LeBron James workout

How LeBron Cheats Father Time

The methodology and mentality of the man who wants to play forever.
The NFL's ACL Problem

What’s to Blame for the NFL’s ACL Problem?

Looking at three possible culprits causing the NFL’s annual slew of preseason ACL tears.

How Power Agents Became the New Power GMs

The current iteration of the Golden State Warriors are a bonafide dynasty and powerhouse in the NBA world. The Los Angeles Lakers are on...
FIFA concussino

How to Fix FIFA’s Concussion Protocol

Four years after letting down its players in Brazil, FIFA proved once again that they don't take concussion symptoms seriously. Let's change that.
Headers Soccer Concussions Brain Injuries

Do Headers In Soccer Lead to Brain Injuries?

England's Raheem Sterling lobs the ball to the far post having picked out Delle Alli, who rises to meet the ball and powerfully heads...
Soccer concussion epidemic

Soccer’s Concussion Epidemic

Brain injuries in football get all the headlines, while soccer creeps in the shadows.
Athletes choking in high-pressure situations

The Science Behind Bone-Headed Plays

How stress and anxiety in high-pressure moments interfere with memory and decision-making.