Serge Leshchuk

Serge Leshchuk
Serge Leshchuk is a senior writer at Grandstand Central, number one Process devotee and nihilist Raptors fan who also does video production. You can send your complaints about any Celtics related articles to him directly on Twitter.

Referees Should Be the One Constant in Sports

Fans constantly engage in a discussion around the role of referees in sports and their impact on the game. But we need to get one thing straight...

The Athlete Retirement Tour is Turning into a Patronizing Ritual

What started as a heartwarming ceremony has turned into a lavish parade not unlike taking a prize horse out to pasture.

Racism in soccer

Soccer Won’t Solve Its Racism Problem with Toothless Measures

Soccer's standard response to racism is stadium bans and small fines, but it'll take more than that to solve this persistent issue.
Player Agency

NFL Players are Fighting for Their Agency

Lately, some NFL players have made a push for more personal agency. But can they reach the same level as the NBA?
LeBron James

Who in the NBA Really has the Power?

Do NBA players really have the power to dictate their own destiny?
The Three has Influenced NBA Offense

How the Three is Halving the Game of Basketball

Nothing stays the same. Almost every sport has grown and evolved as technology, tactics, and talent mandate. In the NBA, that meant a move away from defense into an era of unprecedented offensive explosion…even if it kills half the game.

The NBA Owes Allen Iverson an Apology

The last few months have been an opportunity to revisit one of the most polarizing NBA personalities and one of its electric scorers. And it has been long overdue.

The Far-Reaching Legacy of Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk is about to become another player of a bygone era (and one that makes yours truly feel old), but his contribution to the game will never be forgotten.

The Week That Was: Mamba Mentality, Rae Carruth, and Another Trump Tweetstorm

Seven-for-Seven is a weekly newsletter that highlights the seven stories worth knowing from the world of sports and society. To have it delivered to...

Will Sports Finally Have Its #MeToo Moment?

With Ronaldo, we have a chance to get it right. He may be innocent, the investigation may conclude so, but he also may be guilty and we should commit to that possibility with equal conviction.