Serge Leshchuk

Serge Leshchuk
Serge Leshchuk is a senior writer at Grandstand Central, number one Process devotee and nihilist Raptors fan who also does video production. You can send your complaints about any Celtics related articles to him directly on Twitter.

How Nike Can Win Back Their Conservative Fans

Oh sure, Nike stock just closed at its highest valuation ever, but every customer counts. Nike must win back the dominant Air Monarch market. Here’s how.

What Are the Anthem Protests Really About?

It's not about the flag or the vets. It's about racial injustice in America.

The Cost of Disloyalty in Sports

We talk about ‘loyalty’ when a player decides to leave, but call it ‘just a business’ when teams decide to cut ties. If it is ‘just a business’, how well have these decisions turned out when you remove emotion from the equation?
Settline Kobe vs Lebron using hip-hop references

Settling the Kobe vs LeBron Debate, Using Hip-Hop References

After LeBron lost yet another Finals appearance, the Kobe vs. LeBron debate resurfaced. So, let’s let the streets be the judge.

How to Run Your New Burner Account

A comprehensive guide for athletes, coaches, and league executives looking to troll their critics with complete anonymity.
Becky Hammon NBA Head Coach

If Becky Hammon Isn’t Qualified to Be an NBA Head Coach, Who Is?

In the midst of the NBA Playoffs — the culmination of a gruelling regular season and the display of the pinnacle of athletic ability...

Being Rich Doesn’t Make You Immune From Depression

It seems we’re finally starting to acknowledge that yes, even the rich and famous are susceptible to mental health issues. It’s just a shame it took us this long.
Dallas Mavericks face allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

The NBA’s Sexual Harassment Issue is Bigger Than the Mavs

A Sports Illustrated investigation exposed a culture of harassment within the Dallas Mavericks organization. Now it's time to look at the other teams.
Basketball references hip hop

Fact Checking Basketball References in Hip-Hop

Rap and basketball are like peanut butter and jelly or Oreos and milk — always better together. But are the references used in rap always statistically accurate?