Anthony Varriano

Anthony Varriano
Anthony Varriano is a writer, editor, and podcast host at Grandstand Central. He spent six years as a newspaper journalist, columnist, sportswriter, and photographer. He is also editor of Go Gonzo Journal and host of Foul Play-by-Play, a podcast about the week’s cheats, cheap shots, and alleged criminals in sports.
The Saints Entertainment All-Stars

The Circus Surrounding Baseball in St. Paul

Don't be surprised if the Saints' Entertainment All-Stars steal the show at the 2019 American Association All-Star Game at CHS Field in St. Paul.
Tim Anderson Being Out is Bad for Baseball

MLB’s Baddest Man being Injured is Bad for Baseball

With Tim Anderson out four to six weeks, baseball's baddest man might not be who you think, and that might be bad for baseball.
MLB Attendance is Down but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

MLB Attendance is Down, but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

What Major League Baseball can learn from the Independent League team with the highest and most consistent attendance.

The Duke Fan Who Can’t Enjoy Zion Williamson

How empathy for victims of unfair labor practices affect this fan's consumption of sports.
Minnesota Whitecaps Women's Professional Hockey Player Allie Thunstrom

When Professional Hockey is Your Side Hustle

How women's professional hockey players for the Minnesota Whitecaps manage to chase championship dreams while chasing kids and working full-time gigs.
Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

How Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

It’s Saturday, October 28th, 2023—Game 7 of the World Series. Starting on the mound is baseball’s best pitcher—and hitter. He’s pitching to the reigning MVP—of the NFL.
Environmentally Friendlier NHL Arenas

Imagining Environmentally Friendlier NHL Arenas

How Minnesota's U.S. Bank Stadium provides a blueprint for building environmentally friendlier NHL arenas.
NHL All-Star Jerseys

The NHL All-Star Jerseys Are a Pandering Ploy, but Buy One Anyway

The NHL is appealing to fans' environmental concerns for a profit, both financially and reputably, from selling eco-friendly, All-Star jerseys made of recycled plastics. Why you should buy the shirt but not the bullshit.
An Environmentally Friendlier NBA

An Environmentally Friendlier NBA

An investigation into the climate costs of NBA air travel and how to make the regular season schedule environmentally friendlier.
NCAA FBS Slow to Follow FCS to College Football Playoff Promised Land

Why FBS was Slow to Follow FCS to the College Football Playoff Promised Land

A messy start to the sport's history and mindless tradition that resulted is why FBS was slow to follow FCS to the college football playoff promised land.