Anthony Varriano

Anthony Varriano
Anthony Varriano is a writer, editor, and podcast host at Grandstand Central. He spent six years as a newspaper journalist, columnist, sportswriter, and photographer. He is also editor of Go Gonzo Journal and host of Foul Play-by-Play, a podcast about the week’s cheats, cheap shots, and alleged criminals in sports.
Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader Face of Anti-hate Movement

How Josh Hader Can Become the Face of the Anti-Hate Movement

After racist and homophobic tweets made at 17 were uncovered, Josh Hader is uniquely positioned to be the face of the anti-hate movement.

The N.A.S.C.A.R. Act: A Bill to Reveal Campaign Contributors to the American Public

NASCAR, believe it or not, provides a solution to the secrecy surrounding campaign contributors in American elections: make politicians wear their sponsors.

How MLB Teams Avoid Taxes by Selling Promotional Items

What was once a fun promo for fans has become another way for teams to take advantage of taxpayers.