Anthony Varriano

Anthony Varriano
Anthony Varriano is a writer, editor, and podcast host at Grandstand Central. He spent six years as a newspaper journalist, columnist, sportswriter, and photographer. He is also editor of Go Gonzo Journal and host of Foul Play-by-Play, a podcast about the week’s cheats, cheap shots, and alleged criminals in sports.
The Net Worth and Insurable Value of James Harden's Beard

The Net Worth and Insurable Value of James Harden’s Beard

How much money is James Harden's beard making James Harden, and for how much could The Beard insure the beard?
2018 U.S. Midterm Elections as Sporting Events and Rivalries

Using Sports to Explain the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Explaining the most consequential and closest races of the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections using comparably historic sporting events and contemporary rivalries, with bonus politics betting advice.
Ranking the Cheapest Season Ticket Packages for the Worst Teams

Which Bad Team has the Best Season Ticket Package?

Ranking the cheapest season ticket packages for the worst teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB based on availability and price of premium games.
Prohibitively Expensive Equipment Costs of Youth Hockey

The Prohibitively Expensive Costs of Playing Youth Hockey

It's no secret that playing youth hockey is expensive, and while little can be done about the rising costs to reserve ice time, a nonprofit, equipment leasing program can make the sport more accessible to underprivileged youth by lowering the upfront and long term costs of equipment.

Perfect Pot Pairings for Playing and Watching Sports

Perfect pot pairings for playing and watching Big Four sports live and on TV, and whether you should smoke, vape, or eat cannabis to enhance your sports.
MNUFC Miami MLS Comparison

Stadium Financing History has MLS Thriving in Minnesota, Drowning in Miami

How stadium funding and construction history has made Minnesota a mini-Mecca of American professional sports while Miami's MLS hopes are drowning in Jeffrey Loria's wake.
The Sports Musicians Play on Stage

The Athleticism of Musicians and the Sports They Play on Stage

Estimating the athleticism of musicians performing on stage by comparing their caloric exertion to that of athletes playing their respective sports.
NFL Place Kicking Problem

Imagining the NFL Without Kickers

After a weekend of kicker futility, it might be time to do away with place kicking and kickers entirely, awarding those points to more deserving athletes.
NFL Advocate Athletes Last Supper with Colin Kaepernick as Jesus Christ

Drafting the 2018 All-Woke Fantasy Football Team

Drafting a fantasy football team of advocate-athletes who protest racial injustice during the national anthem or comment on topics deeper than football.
LeBron James for President

From King James to President LeBron

How LeBron James has set himself up for a Presidential run, and why he can actually win.