Dan Szczepanek

Dan Szczepanek
Dan Szczepanek is the founder and Editor in Chief of Grandstand Central, an outlet he helped launch in 2017 to look at the intersectionality of sports and world around it. He's a recovering ad-man, and former politics wonk.
NHL diversity

What Can the NHL Do to Diversify Its Fanbase?

We asked advocates and organizations to weigh-in on how hockey can become more inclusive.
NHL mental health

Can Hockey Culture Ever Accept Mental Health Injuries?

If pain tolerance is such an integral part of hockey culture, how will fans respond when an invisible injury forces a player to miss time?
NBA machine learning

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Front Offices

Plus, a conversation about dynamic pricing, analytics, and finding a way to win with fans, even when the team isn't.
Please clap for sumo wrestling

Please Clap for Sumo Wrestling

Why Japan's national sport needs to become your new obsession.

Curtis Joseph On His Difficult Childhood, Mental Health, and Why Players Should Celebrate More

The hockey great joins the 'Forward Progress' podcast to talk about his new book and changes in today's game.
Cannabis sports stadiums

Cannabis in the Concession Stands

A look at how Canada's legalization of weed could impact the in-stadium experience.
Why sports fans believe conspiracy theories, nba is rigged

Why Fans Believe Conspiracy Theories

It’s not just Alex Jones and QAnon cooking up insane alternate realities. Sports fans are just as likely to dabble in conspiratorial thinking. We found out why.
Josh Hader young and dumb excuse isn't good enough

Josh Hader’s ‘Young and Dumb’ Excuse Isn’t Good Enough

The Milwaukee Brewers’ star tried to blame his homophobic, racist and misogynistic tweets on youth and immaturity. Nobody’s buying it.
gregg popovich

Popovism is the Ideology We Need Right Now

Terrible pun aside, the secret to our collective salvation might just be a basketball coach’s worldview.
Ron MacLean Deserves the Blame for Don Cherry

Ron MacLean Deserves the Blame For Don Cherry

It’s time to replace the co-host of Coach’s Corner, but not the one you might think.