Riley Evans

Riley Evans
Riley Evans is the Multimedia Editor for Grandstand Central, where he writes about athlete mental health, identity politics and how they interact with the world of sports.
women in sportsvideo

Ainka Jess of She’s4Sports on the Sexualization of Women in Sports

Plus, a conversation about how sports media organizations can improve female fan engagement.
Kareem Hunt Assault

The NFL Doesn’t Deserve Your Applause for How They Handled Kareem Hunt

Despite how it appears, the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs still haven’t improved upon their handling of domestic violence situations.
Chris Mosier on coming out and repping Nike

Chris Mosier On Coming Out, Nike, and What the Future Holds for Trans Athletes

Plus, why young athletes need to see other athletes who look just like them.
Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

The Patriots' receiver faced an uncertain future after a devastating injury. Who wouldn't do everything in their power to improve their chances of recovery?
How Tiger Woods surpassed Jack Nicklaus as the best golfer.

Tiger Woods Has Swallowed The Bear

The defining elements of Tiger’s resume that elevate him over Jack Nicklaus as the greatest player to ever touch a golf club.

How to Sign Every NBA Team Name in ASL

Inspired by the Myrtle Beach Pelicans’ new Deaf Awareness jerseys, we put together a list of every NBA team’s name in sign language.

The Domino Effect of the Tuck Rule

How one moment in the 2002 NFL playoffs changed the fate of the league forever.
Johnny Manziel, Bipolar Disorder, and the Dangers of the Bust Label

Johnny Manziel, Bipolar Disorder and the Dangers of the ‘Bust’ Label

The newest member of the Montreal Alouettes is more complex than you thought he was, and he’s not alone.
What if LeBron were gay?

What if LeBron Were Gay?

Exploring the hypothetical impact of a superstar athlete coming out and identifying under the LGBTQ2IA umbrella.