Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver
Emily Weaver is a writer for Grandstand Central covering the intersection of women in sports and how the role ideologies like race, gender and sexuality fit into that equation. She is a die hard Iowa Hawkeyes fan.

U.S. Women’s Soccer Wouldn’t Be Where it is Today without Jill Ellis

Jill Ellis has the most successful coaching career in all soccer history and after two consecutive World Cups, she's saying goodbye.

The Rise of Major League Eating, America’s New Favorite Pastime

Major League Eating made competitive eating a successful, nation-wide sport and it all trails back to a hot dog eating contest from way back when.
Competitive Eating

Is Competitive Eating Really a Sport?

Does scarfing down a large amount of hot dogs on the Fourth of July make you a competitive athlete or just insane?
Rapinoe White House

Rapinoe Might Have Jumped the Gun with Her No RSVP to the White House

World Cup all-star Megan Rapinoe despises the idea of a White House visit; but, a visit and a Women in Sports summit held for the most visible female athletes in the world isn't a bad idea.