Ross Rebagliati on Legalization, Jeff Sessions and Cannabis as a PED

The former gold medallist joins the program to discuss legalization and what it means for athletes in Canada and beyond.
Cannabiz Business

The Key Players Making Pot Their Business

Here are just a few of the people in sports taking a vested interest in the marijuana industry.

Perfect Pot Pairings for Playing and Watching Sports

Perfect pot pairings for playing and watching Big Four sports live and on TV, and whether you should smoke, vape, or eat cannabis to enhance your sports.
Cannabis sports stadiums

Cannabis in the Concession Stands

A look at how Canada's legalization of weed could impact the in-stadium experience.
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How the Testing Policies for Weed Vary by League

No two drug policies are the same.
is weed a performance enhancing drug

Is Weed a Performance Enhancing Drug?

A look at the science behind how marijuana impacts the body, and what its use could mean for athletes.
Canada legalizing marijuana sports

Welcome to Weed Week

Yes Weed Can.Three years after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power promising to legalize pot, Canada will officially become the second country...
Willie Mays Aikens prison reform kansas city royals

Willie Aikens on Captivity, Christianity, and Crack Cocaine

On the first episode of 'The Lockdown' Willie Mays Aikens speaks about life after baseball and his time behind bars.
Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

The Patriots' receiver faced an uncertain future after a devastating injury. Who wouldn't do everything in their power to improve their chances of recovery?
The NBA's Drug Policy and why the league banned medical marijuana

Why the NBA Banned Medical Marijuana

A look at the history of prohibition, and how it came about.