The Haunted Hotels on Athlete Travel Itineraries

Professional athletes have shared what they perceive to be paranormal experiences at haunted hotels, but what effect does that have on their performance?
If you're the best athlete in America, which sport should you play?

What Sport Would 2018 Bo Jackson Play?

You’re a superstar, modern athlete with wants and needs. Which ball should you pick up?
Which of the Big 4 has the best domestic violence policy?

Which of the Big 4 Has the Best Domestic Violence Policy?

Who comes out on top in the #MeToo Era?

MLB’s Labour Peace Is Coming to an End

An uneasy detente has been in place between the MLB and MLBPA for nearly thirty years. That’s going to change by 2021.
Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader Face of Anti-hate Movement

How Josh Hader Can Become the Face of the Anti-Hate Movement

After racist and homophobic tweets made at 17 were uncovered, Josh Hader is uniquely positioned to be the face of the anti-hate movement.

The Momentous Rise of Sports Management Games

Text-based sports simulators aren’t just stroking our armchair GM egos. They’re also forcing the hands of AAA developers.
Josh Hader young and dumb excuse isn't good enough

Josh Hader’s ‘Young and Dumb’ Excuse Isn’t Good Enough

The Milwaukee Brewers’ star tried to blame his homophobic, racist and misogynistic tweets on youth and immaturity. Nobody’s buying it.
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The Athlete Honour Roll

Recognizing the smartest athletes in sports.

How MLB Teams Avoid Taxes by Selling Promotional Items

What was once a fun promo for fans has become another way for teams to take advantage of taxpayers.
How Playing Fornite could make you a better baseball player

How Playing Fortnite Could Make You a Better Baseball Player

Teams might not love their players’ obsession, but the video game might actually be helping their on-field performance.