Tim Anderson Being Out is Bad for Baseball

MLB’s Baddest Man being Injured is Bad for Baseball

With Tim Anderson out four to six weeks, baseball's baddest man might not be who you think, and that might be bad for baseball.
MLB toxic masculinity

Stop Letting Kids Get Hit in the Face with Baseballs Because of Your Toxic...

MLB's toxic masculinity isn't exclusive to its fans. Commissioner Rob Manfred doesn't think expanding ballpark netting is necessary either.
MLB Attendance is Down but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

MLB Attendance is Down, but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

What Major League Baseball can learn from the Independent League team with the highest and most consistent attendance.
Carter Stewart

Carter Stewart will not Damage the MLB Draft

Skipping the minors for Japan might be bold, but it doesn’t necessarily make Carter Stewart a trail blazer when it comes to the MLB Draft.

What the NBA and MLB can Learn from the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is practically a sport of its own. Can the NBA and MLB figure out a similar model?
MLB rule changes

Are the Major Sports Finally Listening and Adapting?

After plenty of same-old, same-old, major sports leagues are finally making moves when it comes to rules changes.
Todd Stottlemyre Blue Jays

Todd Stottlemyre on Mental Hurdles and That Windbreaker

Plus, looking back on Stottlemyre's feud with the mayor of Philadelphia.
Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

How Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

It’s Saturday, October 28th, 2023—Game 7 of the World Series. Starting on the mound is baseball’s best pitcher—and hitter. He’s pitching to the reigning MVP—of the NFL.
US Olympic Athletes Look to Start a Union

U.S. Olympic Athletes Set Sights on Organizing a Union

United States Olympians are upping their unionization efforts in wake of the USA Gymnastics sexual assault scandal.

BodyArmor is the Sports Drink That Could Change Everything

Could the Gatorade monster be taken down by a start-up sports drink you’ve never heard of? BodyArmor is betting that it can shock the world by 2025.