MLBPA Tony Clark

MLB Picking a Fight MLBPA’s Tony Clark is Ready to Finish

Both the MLBPA and NHLPA are in positions to leverage their power prior to CBA negotiations with preemptive player strikes. But will they?

Baseball isn’t a 12-month sport, and it doesn’t need to be

For all the hand-wringing surrounding MLB’s second consecutive quiet offseason, it’s hard to find a compelling argument that baseball should care about its winter hibernation.

Eric Reid Puts the NFL (and NFLPA) on Notice

The NFL comes out in support of social justice issues amid questionable investigation results, outstanding grievances, and lawsuits. Off the diamond, and no matter how you spin it, baseball is going to war.

The NFL Needs to Answer for the Fournette Situation

Recent moves by the NFL are leaving us with many unanswered questions and concerns. Plus, big developments for pro athletes across the board.

The Historic Fight Over MLB Free Agency: Aftermath

Closing out the historic, fictional, organizer's firsthand account of baseball players' fight for free agency.

Why Chronic Pain Can Lead to ‘The Yips’

Explaining hitches and alterations in movement via pain science. 

MLB’s Labor Woes

Trouble's brewing as the Winter Meetings kick-off in Vegas. Plus, how the NFL might be using testing as a tool for intimidation.

MLB’s Historic Fight Over Free Agency

With MLB's 2018 winter meetings kicking off, we’re looking back at the battle between players and ownership for the right to control player movement....
The origin story of MLB free agency

The Origins of MLB Free Agency

A historic, fictional, firsthand account of baseball players' fight for free agency.
Baseball in Portland is on the horizon

Designing the Future of Portland Baseball

One sport inching closer and closer to expansion is Major League Baseball (MLB), and in particular, a possible expansion to Portland. The MLB to PDX movement has been getting better traction by the minute. It’s never good to assume, but without a little imagination and belief, these dreams and proposals would seem doomed from the start. That’s something the Portland Diamond Project (PDP) is trying to balance.