Cannabis sports stadiums

Cannabis in the Concession Stands

A look at how Canada's legalization of weed could impact the in-stadium experience.

Winning the Cup Gives You the Chance to Live Forever

For the 31 teams competing for the Cup, the stakes are much higher than they ever imagined.
Hockey Mental Health

Coaching Hockey in the Mental Health Era

Athletes are becoming more and more open about asking for help. We spoke to coaches to find out what they’re doing to provide it.
Which of the Big 4 has the best domestic violence policy?

Which of the Big 4 Has the Best Domestic Violence Policy?

Who comes out on top in the #MeToo Era?

The Cost of Disloyalty in Sports

We talk about ‘loyalty’ when a player decides to leave, but call it ‘just a business’ when teams decide to cut ties. If it is ‘just a business’, how well have these decisions turned out when you remove emotion from the equation?
Smartest athletes sports academic honour roll

The Athlete Honour Roll

Recognizing the smartest athletes in sports.
Why athletes choke under pressure

Why Athletes Choke Under Pressure

Understanding why some athletes perform in the clutch, while others come up short.
Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights Are Here to Stay

How Vegas went from a risky ploy to the NHL’s model franchise.
Athlete Pensions and the time it takes to earn them

Athlete Pensions, and the Time It Takes to Earn Them

When it comes to planning for retirement, no two professional leagues are the same.
Sedins brought out the worst in hockey culture

The Sedins Brought Out the Worst in Hockey Culture

Over the course of the legends' storied careers, one thing became clear - hockey still struggles to embrace players that aren't "from here".