Competitive Eating

Is Competitive Eating Really a Sport?

Does scarfing down a large amount of hot dogs on the Fourth of July make you a competitive athlete or just insane?
nil rights ncaa

The NCAA’s New Starkiller Base

If there's anything Star Wars should teach us about self-serving power that exploits others, it's that defeating a kleptocracy takes more than blowing up a space station.
Rapinoe White House

Rapinoe Might Have Jumped the Gun with Her No RSVP to the White House

World Cup all-star Megan Rapinoe despises the idea of a White House visit; but, a visit and a Women in Sports summit held for the most visible female athletes in the world isn't a bad idea.
1999 Summer of Swagger

Revisiting 1999: The Summer of Swagger

Twenty years later, a look back at 1999 reveals promise and prescience for American athletes on the global stage.
Tim Anderson Being Out is Bad for Baseball

MLB’s Baddest Man being Injured is Bad for Baseball

With Tim Anderson out four to six weeks, baseball's baddest man might not be who you think, and that might be bad for baseball.
#forthegame women's hockey

Is #ForTheGame the best approach for women’s hockey?

We asked players, management and industry insiders to weigh-in on the player boycott.
Carter Stewart

Carter Stewart will not Damage the MLB Draft

Skipping the minors for Japan might be bold, but it doesn’t necessarily make Carter Stewart a trail blazer when it comes to the MLB Draft.

Life as a Pro Basketball Player in Europe

The trials, tribulations, and travel nightmares of playing in Europe.
pro women's hockey players union

Pro Women’s Hockey Players Announce New Union

The One Big Union fighting for equity and justice for all professional women's hockey players.