Brandon Anderson

Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson is a senior writer and editor for Grandstand Central. As a lifelong Vikings and Cubs fan, he is perpetually waiting for the other shoe to drop. Brandon is the grandmaster czar of sports at Medium and you can find his thoughts on NBA, NFL, other non-hockey sports, and pop culture on Twitter.
NFL Vernon Davis acting career after football.

Vernon Davis on Football, Acting, and Life Beyond the Gridiron

Vernon Davis is no longer just a retired NFL tight end. Now he’s an actor, a producer, an entrepreneur, and more. Davis tells all in a sprawling interview.
Who were the Best Rookies in the NBA this season?

Who Were the 10 Best Rookies in the NBA This Season?

Who were the best rookies in the NBA in 2018? Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell top the list, but what Lakers should be on the All-Rookie Team?

Is Spelling a Sport?

Two Spelling Bee national champions tell-all on the eve of the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The Winter Olympics Are Stupid and Pointless

Better to watch some snow melt and wait for the Summer Olympics instead.