Referees Should Be the One Constant in Sports

Fans constantly engage in a discussion around the role of referees in sports and their impact on the game. But we need to get one thing straight...
WNBA CBS Sports TV Deal

WNBA, CBS Sports Deal is a Start 23 Years in the Making

The WNBA doubling their national TV schedule is a step in the right direction, but what comes after will be even more important for the league’s success.
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Maternity Leave For Athletes, Explained

Why maternity leave is such an essential benefit for female athletes, like the women's hockey players threatening to play anywhere but North America.
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Damon Stoudamire on the Jailblazers Era

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What the NBA and MLB can Learn from the NFL Draft

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The Athlete Retirement Tour is Turning into a Patronizing Ritual

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WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart

The WNBA Lost Its MVP to an Avoidable Injury

Many WNBA players play in Europe to augment their salaries, resulting in year-round basketball and increased risk of injury.
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McGill University Dumped the “Redmen” Nickname, and Somehow that’s Controversial

The Montreal university finally decided that 'enough is enough' with the Redmen nickname, shining light back on the debate of whether a term's origin is more important than its current connotation.
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Are the Major Sports Finally Listening and Adapting?

After plenty of same-old, same-old, major sports leagues are finally making moves when it comes to rules changes.

The Duke Fan Who Can’t Enjoy Zion Williamson

How empathy for victims of unfair labor practices affect this fan's consumption of sports.