Player Agency

NFL Players are Fighting for Their Agency

Lately, some NFL players have made a push for more personal agency. But can they reach the same level as the NBA?
March Madness

March Madness: When Coaches Leave Cinderella Teams at the Dance

A story about the unpaid athletes left behind by coaches chasing money.

Finding Básquet in the Land of Fútbol

A journey into the heart of Argentinian professional basketball.
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It’s Time To Expand The NCAA Tournament, Again

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smart jerseys

Smart Jerseys: What the NBA is Trying to Accomplish

Does NBA commissioner Adam Silver think we’re all just bandwagon fans, or is there more to the idea of smart jerseys?
Rich Paul Klutch Sports

Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports is Disrupting the Agency World

Klutch Sports and CEO Rich Paul are steadily increasing their foothold in the NBA agency world while shaking up the status quo at every turn.
LeBron James

Who in the NBA Really has the Power?

Do NBA players really have the power to dictate their own destiny?
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How We Became Obsessed With Gruesome Sports Injuries

The age of sports-media saturation has fed our long-enduring fascination with gruesome sports injuries, but why are we drawn to the grotesque?

The Endless Ennui of Kevin Durant

If the Warriors' all-world forward can't be content, what chance does anyone else have?

BodyArmor is the Sports Drink That Could Change Everything

Could the Gatorade monster be taken down by a start-up sports drink you’ve never heard of? BodyArmor is betting that it can shock the world by 2025.