Why sports fans believe conspiracy theories, nba is rigged

Why Fans Believe Conspiracy Theories

It’s not just Alex Jones and QAnon cooking up insane alternate realities. Sports fans are just as likely to dabble in conspiratorial thinking. We found out why.
Headers Soccer Concussions Brain Injuries

Do Headers In Soccer Lead to Brain Injuries?

England's Raheem Sterling lobs the ball to the far post having picked out Delle Alli, who rises to meet the ball and powerfully heads...
Soccer concussion epidemic

Soccer’s Concussion Epidemic

Brain injuries in football get all the headlines, while soccer creeps in the shadows.
NBA Draft scouting revolution

The Next Revolution in NBA Scouting is Coming

Forget stat-crunching and watching the tapes — the secret to unearthing the top prospects in the NBA Draft may lie in cognitive testing.
Why athletes choke under pressure

Why Athletes Choke Under Pressure

Understanding why some athletes perform in the clutch, while others come up short.