Ben Beecken

Ben Beecken
Ben Beecken is a writer at Grandstand Central with a primary focus on the NBA, MLB, and NFL. He has spent nearly a decade working on the business side of sports including eight seasons in minor league baseball team front offices. Ben is also an editor and writer at Dunking With Wolves and a contributor across the FanSided network.
NBA Draft scouting revolution

The Next Revolution in NBA Scouting is Coming

Forget stat-crunching and watching the tapes — the secret to unearthing the top prospects in the NBA Draft may lie in cognitive testing.
How Playing Fornite could make you a better baseball player

How Playing Fortnite Could Make You a Better Baseball Player

Teams might not love their players’ obsession, but the video game might actually be helping their on-field performance.
robot umpire

Major League Baseball is Ready for the Robot Umpire Revolution

We have the technology. It's time to start using it.