Ben Beecken

Ben Beecken
Ben Beecken is a writer at Grandstand Central with a primary focus on the NBA, MLB, and NFL. He has spent nearly a decade working on the business side of sports including eight seasons in minor league baseball team front offices. Ben is also an editor and writer at Dunking With Wolves and a contributor across the FanSided network.

Baseball isn’t a 12-month sport, and it doesn’t need to be

For all the hand-wringing surrounding MLB’s second consecutive quiet offseason, it’s hard to find a compelling argument that baseball should care about its winter hibernation.
James Dolan New York Knicks

James Dolan is the Millennialist Millennial

Have you heard the one about the 63-year-old basketball owner who behaves exactly like a millennial? Meet James Dolan, the "millennial" owner of the New York Knicks.

Fixing The NFL’s Non-Existent Domestic Violence and Assault Policy

It’s time to dethrone King Goodell and take a more level-headed and transparent approach to crucial decision making.

The XFL Can Succeed This Time, By Embracing Gambling

Dust off your He Hate Me jerseys. The XFL is coming back, and if they survive this time, they might just have the Supreme Court to thank.

We Need to Have a Conversation About Fan Interference

Steve Bartman, Jeffrey Maier, and Troy Caldwell walk into a bar. The punchline? It finally isn’t them.
Earl Thomas is the last straw

Earl Thomas is the Last Straw for NFL Players

Earl Thomas’s injury could trigger the first NFL player strike in over 30 years.
If you're the best athlete in America, which sport should you play?

What Sport Would 2018 Bo Jackson Play?

You’re a superstar, modern athlete with wants and needs. Which ball should you pick up?
NBA expansion

The Best Cities For NBA Expansion By 2068

What the NBA could look like once it finally expands beyond its North American borders.

The NFL Has A TV Problem

Forget rule changes or involving the Competition Committee. The NFL can become infinitely more watchable by changing its approach to ads.
How NBA Teams Hack the G League

How The Best NBA Teams Use the G League to Hack the System

Minor league basketball is shaping the NBA before our eyes, and the best franchises are taking advantage.