Al Neal

Al Neal
Al Neal is an award-winning columnist at Grandstand Central writing on politics, labor relations, and the general rabble-rousing in professional sports. He spent a decade working in the trade union movement with various locals across the country and currently serves as Dir. of Education and Advocacy for the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society.

MLB’s Labour Peace Is Coming to an End

An uneasy detente has been in place between the MLB and MLBPA for nearly thirty years. That’s going to change by 2021.
Esports leagues like league of legends are about to unionize

The eSports Union Revolution Is Coming

Cyber athletes are organizing world-wide, but who really benefits most from gaming unions?

Yes, the WNBA Wage Gap Is a Real Thing

“154M…must be nice. We over here looking for an M but Lord, let me get back in my lane.” That was the tweet sent by WNBA...
Clapping back at WNBA trolls

Clapping Back at WNBA Trolls and Haters

We wrote about the WNBA’s wage gap, and the internet really didn’t want to hear about it. So, we’re talking about it again, with the help of Imani McGee-Stafford.