Al Neal

Al Neal
Al Neal is an award-winning columnist at Grandstand Central writing on politics, labor relations, and the general rabble-rousing in professional sports. He spent a decade working in the trade union movement with various locals across the country and currently serves as Dir. of Education and Advocacy for the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society.

The Historic Fight Over MLB Free Agency: Aftermath

Closing out the historic, fictional, organizer's firsthand account of baseball players' fight for free agency.

MLB’s Labor Woes

Trouble's brewing as the Winter Meetings kick-off in Vegas. Plus, how the NFL might be using testing as a tool for intimidation.

MLB’s Historic Fight Over Free Agency

With MLB's 2018 winter meetings kicking off, we’re looking back at the battle between players and ownership for the right to control player movement....
The origin story of MLB free agency

The Origins of MLB Free Agency

A historic, fictional, firsthand account of baseball players' fight for free agency.

What the ’65 Boycott Can Teach Us About Kaepernick

53 years after players boycotted the AFL All-Star Game in New Orleans due to racial injustice, not much has changed.
Drug testing marijuana sports

How the Testing Policies for Weed Vary by League

No two drug policies are the same.
Lessons from the 2011 Lockout

Lessons from the 2011 NFL Lockout

With storm clouds on the horizon, and another lockout looming, we look back on the causes and ramifications of the 2011 NFL lockout.
The NFL CBA is set to expire, and the coming labor war

2021: The Year of Football’s Great Labor War

“We prepare for war.” DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA
Which of the Big 4 has the best domestic violence policy?

Which of the Big 4 Has the Best Domestic Violence Policy?

Who comes out on top in the #MeToo Era?