The Next 80 Champions, According to a 16-Hour NBA 2K Sim

We used the best crystal ball in the business to determine the next 80 NBA Champions — 2k18. All it took us was 16 full hours of simming.

Video game simulations can be dodgy to say the least. Simulated games can end with scores in the 150’s, LeBron could end up on the T-wolves as part of a blockbuster Jimmy Butler trade, Frank Gore could actually retire on his own volition — you get the gist. And while it’s not an exact science, the NBA 2k series seems to be the closest to limiting those surprises, as they are likely the best and most accessible simulator out there.

In MyLeague, users are allowed to control every possible aspect of a hypothetical NBA, including potential expansion franchises, CBA rule adjustments, team relocations, handling of 2-way contracts, and more. With the sudden bolstering of this game mode’s creative potential, I saw the perfect opportunity to just mash X through 80 years of NBA simulation, and see what the future holds. While the game-to-game simulations may look rough, there has to be something to take away from an in-depth 80-year sim right? Very right.

Here is the 2k analytics tool, while I won’t be using it for the simulation, it does really enrich the MyLeague experience.

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For context, the 2017 season will crown the 67th NBA champion, while the final year of the sim will recognize the 146th. When it’s all said and done, the league will have doubled its length of existence (and then some). I’m going to be looking extra hard into whether or not the Grizzlies, Clippers, Suns, Hornets, Nets, Nuggets, or Raptors can bring home a championship since they’ve never been able to in the history of their respective franchises. It’s hard to picture any of these teams NOT winning at least one championship over the course of the simulation, given the fact that this is all a little random, but who knows.

For the sim, I’ll be using the default settings. This means current teams, current rosters, current contracts etc. I’ll also let the game handle everything it can automatically, to both minimize my own intervention in the simulation and also hopefully expedite the simulation process so I can get the whole thing done without being absolutely miserable.

I also chose against using any player created draft classes even though they are very realistic and those folks put a ton of time into them, just because it still feels early to project where current college guys will end up and how good they’ll actually be in the NBA. I’ve never had a problem with 2k generated draft classes and that seems like the most objective way to do it.

My hunch is that the 76ers are going to be pretty damn good over the next 15 hypothetical years. Not exactly going out a limb on that one, but if you’re currently wearing a Warriors jersey, preemptively buy a 76ers jersey and get ready to hop on that bandwagon. I also see LeBron breaking the all-time scoring record because he’s the GOAT and one of the only players ever to be in the conversation with Kareem in terms of career longevity. Other than that, I’m not going to take too many guesses so I can just be as surprised as everyone else as this all plays out.

At the very end, after a short recap of each and every season, I’ll be doing a pretty extensive write-up of some of the main themes of the simulation, how much of this info we can actually trust and apply to real life, and I’ll hopefully have some peculiar stats/happenings to share with you guys. See ya in 2097.

Disclaimer: There will inevitably be some stuff that I miss, that’s just the nature of the 80-year beast.

Year 1: 2017–18 (2:20 PM)

Champion: Warriors

MVP: Steph Curry (31.5 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 8.3 APG, .46 3P%) Yeah okay. 46 percent from three….

ROTY: Ben Simmons

Sixth Man of the Year: Kyle O’Quinn

DPOY: Andre Drummond

Most Improved Player: Kris Dunn

Transaction Notes: Dwight Howard and Frank Kaminsky went to the Heat for Hassan Whiteside and Jordan Mickey.

Misc. Notes: The Knicks made it to the Eastern Conference Finals somehow, and the Cavs were a 7-seed. DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Lakers after the season. Chris Bosh now plays for the Kings.

#1 Pick: Byron Gill (Kings)

HOF Inductees: Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce

Year 2: 2018–19 (20 minutes in)

Champion: Warriors (3rd in a row)

MVP: LeBron James (25.4 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 8.6 APG, 57% from the field)

ROTY: Byron Gill

Sixth Man of the Year: Rudy Gay

DPOY: Andre Drummond (twice in a row now)

Most Improved Player: Jabari Parker

Transaction Notes: Mike Conley (Grizzlies) to the Kings for Chris Bosh.

Misc. Notes: Cavs back to the #1 seed after LeBron stays in The Land. Lakers and Kings both make the playoffs. Players now have to be 21 to enter the league (So much for one-and-done rule).

#1 Pick: Lu Wang (Suns)

HOF Inductees: Vince Carter

Year 3: 2019–20

Champion: Spurs

MVP: Russell Westbrook (21.2 ppg, 7.1 rpg, 7.8 apg, 46% from the field)

ROTY: Lu Wang

Sixth Man of the Year: Jeremy Lin

DPOY: Rudy Gobert

Most Improved Player: Devin Booker

Transaction Notes: Goran Dragic (Heat) to the Hawks for Jeff Teague and Justin Sweetney. Paul George re-signs with the Thunder (again).

Misc. Notes: Nets are in the playoffs. The Bulls make it to the Finals. (I swear I didn’t touch anything). The shot clock is now 30 seconds…

#1 Pick: Conrad McDaniel (Pelicans)

HOF Inductees: Dwyane Wade

Year 4: 2020–21

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Russell Westbrook (20.3 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 7.5 apg, 50% from the floor)

ROTY: Conrad McDaniel

Sixth Man of the Year: Jeremy Lin (two in a row)

DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Most Improved Player: Otto Porter Jr. (averaging less than 10 ppg)

Transaction Notes: Khris Middleton (Bucks) flipped to the Celtics for Marcus Smart. Dwight Howard traded away once again for pennies on the dollar, to the surprise of no one.

Misc. Notes: Lonzo Ball made the All-NBA team, so maybe this simulation isn’t that realistic after all. Sixers are the no.1 seed in the East.

#1 Pick: Cory Hood (Jazz) (from University of Illinois!)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 5: 2021–22 (1 hour in)

Champion: Warriors

MVP: Lebron James (17.1 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 6.0apg, age 37)

ROTY: Lowell Flores

Sixth Man of the Year: Jeremy Lin (3rd year in a row)

DPOY: DeAndre Jordan

Most Improved Player: Clint Capela

Transaction Notes: Nothing notable.

Misc. Notes: The NBA does away with the backcourt violation rule. LeBron retires without breaking the all-time scoring record, finishing second by about 1500 points.

#1 Pick: Patric Barlow (Heat)

HOF Inductees: Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James

Year 6: 2022–23

Champion: Bulls

MVP: Karl-Anthony Towns (16.5 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 1.9 apg)

ROTY: Esteban Palermo

Sixth Man of the Year: Willy Hernangomez

DPOY: Myles Turner

Most Improved Player: Conrad McDaniel

Transaction Notes: Nothing notable.

Misc. Notes: Ben Simmons made the All-NBA Team. Jordan Bell was the Finals MVP (the Bulls end up with him eventually). I can’t even begin to explain how many things would have to go right for Chicago to win a championship in the next 6 years…

#1 Pick: Hariss Eminescu (Raptors)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 7: 2023–24

Champion: Bulls

MVP: Ben Simmons (13.5 ppg, 8.9 rpg, 5.7 apg)

ROTY: Lou Tiner

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren

DPOY: Myles Turner (2nd in a row)

Most Improved Player: Noah Vonleh (5.3 ppg, 6.0 rpg. Shoutout to a 30-second shot clock)

Transaction Notes: Nothing notable.

Misc. Notes: Bulls only dropped one game in the playoffs. Jordan Bell was the finals MVP again. Teams are scoring ~76 points a game

#1 Pick: Cameron Early (Raptors again)

HOF Inductees: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard (Yuck)

Note: These rundowns may get a little slimmer as current players fade out of the league and the automatically generated players take over.

Year 8: 2024–25

Champion: Bucks

MVP: Karl-Anthony Towns (15.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 1.8 apg)

ROTY: Hariss Eminescu

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren

DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Most Improved Player: Cory Hood

Misc. Notes: The highest rated players in the game are Kyrie and Ben Simmons at 93 overall. A new LeBron is not yet upon us. We don’t even have a new Harden. Oh and the owners voted again to increase the shot clock. It’s now 35 seconds…

#1 Pick: Keith Schneider (Warriors)

HOF Inductees: Russell Westbrook

Year 9: 2025–26 (2 hours in)

League Champion: Bulls (3 in 4 years)

MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo (13.5 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 3.2 apg)

ROTY: Johan Eklund

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren (three in a row)

DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Most Improved Player: Francis Goodwin

Misc. Notes: I’m assuming the Bulls hired Bob Myers or something. I really don’t know how this is happening. Furkan Korkmaz (2016 26th overall pick) might be a HOF’er when it’s all said and done.

#1 Pick: Randy Hammond (Rockets)

HOF Inductees: None


Year 10: 2026–27

Champion: Bulls

MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo (2nd in a row, 13.2 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 3.1 apg)

ROTY: Norm Norris (killer name I’m rooting for Norm)

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren (4x now)

DPOY: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Most Improved Player: Keith Schneider

Misc. Notes: De’aaron Fox made the All-NBA Team. Please for the love of god will the Nuggets start Henrik Wallgren?

#1 Pick: Mauricio Ortega (Rockets)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 11: 2027–28

Champion: Bulls (5 of 6, currently no one on the roster under 29 years old)

MVP: Lonzo Ball (here we fuckin’ go… 10.1 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 7.0 apg)

ROTY: Otis Lowe

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren (this is just ridiculous… that’s 5)

DPOY: Byron Gill

Most Improved Player: Frank Hamlin

Misc. Notes: The highest rated player on the Magic is a thirty-year-old rookie that was stashed in Italy. Hariss Eminescu is the highest rated player overall. Lonzo is making 45 million a year and LaMelo is probably working at Foot Locker.

#1 Pick: Donnel Fox (Grizzlies)

HOF Inductees: Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Paul George, Damian Lillard (No Kevin Love)

Year 12: 2028–29

Champion: Bucks

MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo

ROTY: Salvatore Salerno (Reminder, 30 years old)

Sixth Man of the Year: Henrik Wallgren (Six…. SIX TIMES)

DPOY: Ian Cook

Most Improved Player: Lloyd Bellamy

Misc. Notes: Bulls lost in the ECF, Mike D’Antoni is now coaching the Cavaliers, Rick Carlisle has brought not only Chris Paul onto his staff in Dallas, but also Stephen Curry. The league is 85% unrecognizable.

#1 Pick: Nicholas Cunningham (Blazers)

HOF Inductees: The game glitched here and inducted Kevin Durant again, presumably one last jab at Kevin Durant for the Twittergate scandal of 2017.

Year 13: 2029–30

Champion: Nuggets (first in franchise history!)


ROTY: Jackie Graham (also on the Nuggets, looking good for their future)

Sixth Man of the Year: Esteban Palermo

DPOY: Ike Anigbogu

Most Improved Player: Mark Redd

Misc. Notes: Before the season the owners voted to change the shot clock back to 24 seconds… oops. They also voted to make overtime literally just sudden death. First to score wins. The hologram of Dikembe Mutumbo had a field day in Game 6.

#1 Pick: Bryon Peterson (Jazz)

HOF Inductees: Kawhi Leonard, Andre Drummond (who averaged under 11 ppg for his career.)

Year 14: 2030–31

Champion: Charlotte Hornets (Their first in franchise history)

MVP: Ben Simmons (15.7 ppg, 11.3 rpg, 6.2 apg)

ROTY: Kaya Penbe

Sixth Man of the Year: Julian Cheaney

DPOY: Ike Anignobu (2 in a row)

Most Improved Player: Donnell Fox

Misc. Notes: Even with the rules reverting back to somewhat normal settings, player numbers haven’t rebounded as much as you’d expect. For the second year in a row, a formerly Championship-less team wins one. The overall league talent appears to be deteriorating. There are only two 90+ rated players (Ben Simmons and Nicholas Cunningham).

#1 Pick: J.J. Simmons (Blazers)

HOF Inductees: Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis

Year 15: 2031–32 (3.5 hours in)

Champion: Charlotte Hornets

MVP: Davor Nevsky (15.8 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 5.4 apg)

ROTY: Ramon Aguilar

Sixth Man of the Year: Alexi Kiba

DPOY: Jesse Warrick

Most Improved Player: Dan Joseph

Misc. Notes: Dirk Nowitzki wins Coach of the Year. 25.5 ppg was the league high (Richie Cohen).

#1 Pick: Shelden Smith (Blazers)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 16: 2032–33

League Champion: Grizzlies (their first in team history)

MVP: Jayden Briggs (12.3 ppg, 20.4 rpg, 4.1 apg)

ROTY: Shelden Smith

Sixth Man of the Year: Jack Johnson

DPOY: Lloyd Bellamy

Most Improved Player: Rashad McGee

Misc. Notes: This was the first year that all three All-NBA Teams consisted of 100% generated players. Richie Cohen is dethroned after five-straight scoring titles. The Grizzlies, Nuggets and Hornets all end their Championship droughts in a five-year span, a real heartwarming story that ESPN definitely wouldn’t be reporting to death. Who am I kidding. ESPN won’t be around in 2032.

#1 Pick: Eric Bowman

HOF Inductees: None

Year 17: 2033–34

Champion: Bulls

MVP: Jayden Briggs ( 14.2 ppg, 13.5 rpg, 4.6 apg, 2nd time in a row)

ROTY: Eric Bowman

Sixth Man of the Year: Wade Chambers

DPOY: Lloyd Bellamy (2nd time in a row)

Most Improved Player: Glenn Elliott

Misc. Notes: Chicago has yet to have a losing season. Dirk wins his third-straight Coach of the Year Award.

#1 Pick: Geoffery Teague (Pelicans)

HOF Inductees: Richie Cohen (first generated HOF player), Nikola Jokic, Kristaps Porzingis, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Year 18: 2034–35

Champion: Pelicans (first for their franchise)

MVP: Eric Bowman (16.0 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 3.8 apg)

ROTY: Marcus Hanson

Sixth Man of the Year: Wade Chambers

DPOY: Mikael Wallgren (Son of 6x Sixth Man of the Year winner and former MVP Henrik Wallgren?)

Most Improved Player: Juwan Hendrix

Misc. Notes: Ben Simmons and Jordan Bell retire. Gotta say, I didn’t think Jordan Bell would have such a decorated career.

#1 Pick: Anderson Cole (Timberwolves)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 19: 2035–36

Champion: Bulls (Their 13th title)

MVP: Eric Bowman (Second in a row, 17.9 ppg, 12.4 rpg, 4.1 apg)

ROTY: Anderson Cole

Sixth Man of the Year: Donnell Fox

DPOY: Eric Bowman

Most Improved Player: Conrad Peterson

Misc. Notes: This whole simulation thing is not a very good time.

#1 Pick: Martin Dennis (Two first names. I don’t trust he’ll be any good)

HOF Inductees: Ben Simmons, Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz??????

Year 20: 2036–37 (4 hours in)

Champion: Wizards

MVP: Shelden Smith (22.4ppg, 10.5 rpg, 5.3 apg)

ROTY: Terrell Nance

Sixth Man of the Year: Al Parks

DPOY: Eric Bowman

Most Improved Player: Chuck Wallace

Misc. Notes: League seems to be on a bit of an upturn. There’s now six players with a 90+ rating.

#1 Pick: Lonnie McCoy (Knicks)

HOF Inductees: Karl-Anthony Towns (he’s the last remaining ‘real’ player from what I can tell), Byron Gill

  • Going to take a break before my eyes bleed.

Year 21: 2037–38

Champion: Warriors

MVP: Shelden Smith (Second in a row, 22.8 ppg, 10.2 rpg, 5.4 apg)

ROTY: Donnell Stewart

Sixth Man of the Year: Andre Tinsley

DPOY: Shelden Smith

Most Improved Player: Bradford Alexander

Misc. Notes: Shelden Smith is in LeBron territory in terms of his overall rating (97) and the league has five players with a 93+ overall rating, way more than in past years.

#1 Pick: Max Hamlin Jr. (Celtics)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 22: 2038–39

Champion: Pelicans

MVP: Shelden Smith (3 in a row, 19.6 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 5.5 apg)

ROTY: Vladimir Dabanovic

Sixth Man of the Year: Donell Hamilton

DPOY: Shelden Smith

Most Improved Player: Donnell Stewart

Misc. Notes: The Pelicans still haven’t decided what their actual mascot is and are currently rolling with a Gargoyle, but they ARE winning. Commisioner Adam Silver is pretty old nowadays. Bulls finally had a losing record for the first time since Year 1 (and yet still were the 8th seed)

#1 Pick: Cole Strong (Pacers)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 23: 2039–40

Champion: Bucks

MVP: Terrell Nance (17.2 ppg, 14.5 rpg, 1.4 apg)

ROTY: Cole Strong

Sixth Man of the Year: Drew Lowe

DPOY: Shelden Smith

Most Improved Player: Spencer Paxson

Misc. Notes: I’ve started using my downtime to read Reddit conspiracy theories. Maybe I can clone myself so I don’t have to sit here eating Ritz crackers and simulating my life away. Then I could… eat crackers and… do something else?

#1 Pick: Isaac Ruffin

HOF Inductees: None

Year 24: 2040–41

Champion: Bucks (2nd in a row)

MVP: Shelden Smith (18.4 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 4.6 ag)

ROTY: Isaac Ruffin

Sixth Man of the Year: Leslie Myers

DPOY: Antoine Baker

Most Improved Player: Gilbert Reid

Misc. Notes: There’s a generated player named Kelly Oubre, presumably Kelly Oubre Jr.’s father, who travelled into the future to participate in this sim. Players are now eligible for the draft at age 20.

#1 Pick: Jake Wilkins

HOF Inductees: None

Year 25: 2041–42

Champion: Nuggets

MVP: Shelden Smith (21.0 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 4.0 apg)

ROTY: Claudio Palermo

Sixth Man of the Year: Marcus Hanson

DPOY: Shelden Smith

Most Improved Player: Manny Santos

Misc. Notes: The highest scorer of all the generated players, Richie Cohen, still had less points than Gary Payton (42nd all-time). I have to imagine at this point the league is cool with players smoking weed and that’s how they actually managed to keep a superstar like Shelden Smith in Denver.

#1 Pick: Bo Snyder

HOF Inductees: Otis Lowe

Year 26: 2042–43

Champion: Pelicans

MVP: Shelden Smith (18.9 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 4.1 apg)

ROTY: Steven Moreland

Sixth Man of the Year: Conrad Peterson

DPOY: Shelden Smith

Most Improved Player: Richie Walls

Misc. Notes: The Bulls are struggling after several decades of dominance. This seems more like what fans have grown to expect from the Bulls: ineptitude.

#1 Pick: Jonathon Hamilton

HOF Inductees: None

Year 27: 2043–44

Champion: Rockets

MVP: Alfonso Sosa (25.0 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 2.8 apg)

ROTY: Jonathon Hamilton

Sixth Man of the Year: Mladen Lukowski

DPOY: Anderson Cole

Most Improved Player: Andre Harris

Misc. Notes: The league finally repealed the sudden death overtime rule. Alfonso Sosa shot 274/275 from the line, an NBA record for FT percentage in a season.

#1 Pick: Dee Grady

HOF Inductees: Otis Lowe (again) and Randy Hammond

Year 28: 2044–45 (5.5 hours in)

Champion: Kings (First since they won as the Royals in 1951, ending a 93-year drought)

MVP: Isaac Ruffin (13.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 3.2 apg)

ROTY: Victor Anthony

6th Man of the Year: Donnell Stewart

DPOY: Ulf Svennson (he SOUNDS like a defensive player of the year)

Most Improved Player: Allan Garnett

Misc. Notes: Maybe the Kings finally realized Vlade Divac was a not-so-great GM. Shot clock is back to 35 seconds…

#1 Pick: Dion Lawson (Suns)

HOF Inductees: Nicholas Cunningham

Year 29: 2045–46

Champion: Timberwolves (Their first in franchise history)

MVP: Isaac Ruffin (2nd in a row, 13.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 3.0 apg)

ROTY: Garrett Wade

Sixth Man of the Year: Donnell Stewart (averaging under 5 points a game)

DPOY: Shelden Smith (The GOAT is BACK!)

Most Improved Player: O.J. Morris

Misc. Notes: Brandon Ingram shatters the games played record (1761 GP) over a 30-YEAR career. Shelden Smith ties Kareem for most MVPs of all-time (6). (At age 37 can he get another???) The Timberwolves manage to win their first title of the sim, just under ten years after Karl-Anthony Towns retires, which does NOT reflect well on him.

#1 Pick: Walt WIllis (Nets, 86 overall and only 20 years old, I expect big things)

HOF Inductees: Otis Lowe (for a 3rd time)

Year 30: 2046–47

Champion: Lakers (surprisingly never won one with Lonzo… hm…)

MVP: Isaac Ruffin (3rd in a row, 12.8 ppg, 5.1 rpg, 3.4 apg)

ROTY: Walt Willis

Sixth Man of the Year: Iancu Busca

DPOY: Courtney Wooden

Most Improved Player: Shelden Cage

Misc. Notes: Year 30 is the closest we’ve come so far to 2017 in terms of the number of top-tier players in the league, probably due to allowing younger players to be drafted with higher potential ratings and more time in the league to reach them. Interesting implications for arguing to do away with the one and done rule.

#1 Pick: Nathan Fields

HOF Inductees: None

Year 31: 2047–48

Champion: 76ers

MVP: Victor Anthony (14.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 2.2 apg)

ROTY: Nathan Fields

Sixth Man of the Year: Joshua Smith

DPOY: Nikita Alenichev Jr.

Most Improved Player: Darrel Copeland (4.8 ppg, 1.9 rpg, 3.4 apg, please shorten the shotclock)

Misc. Notes: Talk about Trusting the Process. Kawhi Leonard wins Coach of the Year, presumably not by yelling at his players. Utah seems like it was a good fit for him. Players can be eligible for the draft at 18.

#1 Pick: Yuri Nevsky (Thunder)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 32: 4048–49

Champion: Celtics

MVP: Alfonso Sosa (19.6 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 2.2 apg)

ROTY: Artem Semenko

6th Man of the Year: Joshua Smith

DPOY: Nikita Alenichev Jr. (2nd in a row)

Most Improved Player: Rickey Coles

Misc. Notes: League minimum salary is 3.45 million. Stanley Griffith makes the most per year at 57 million, rising to 64 million by the end of his deal. Danny Ainge turns 90.

#1 Pick: Tyrone Ward (Timberwolves)

HOF Inductees: Eric Bowman

Year 33: 2049–50

Champion: Nets (Their first in franchise history)

MVP: Victor Anthony (15.5 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 2.3 apg)

ROTY: Peja Tarlac

Sixth Man of the Year: Joshua Smtih (Third in a row. Please not another Henrik Wallgren)

DPOY: Nikita Alenichev Jr. (Also his third in a row)

Most Improved Player: Johan Norberg

Misc. Notes: Shelden Smith is currently 39 and plans to renew his contract with the Trailblazers, so he may very well play until the simulation is over. Edit: He apparently went back on this idea, deciding to retire after 18 seasons. Shot clock is going back to 24 seconds.

#1 Pick: Jessie Nelson (the first high-schooler I’ve seen be #1 overall, Spurs)

HOF Inductees: Shelden Smith, Terrell Nance

Year 34: 2050–51

Champion: Lakers

MVP: Victor Anthony (2nd in a row, 24.0 ppg, 12.0 rpg, 3.5 apg)

ROTY: Henrik Andersson (27.0 ppg WOW)

Sixth Man of the Year: Sean Bellamy

DPOY: Victor Anthony

Most Improved Player: Ray Richardson

Misc. Notes: Scoring is WAY UP across the league.

#1 Pick: Uwe Schroeder (3 year draft stash, Hawks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 35: 2051–52

Champion: Celtics (If the Lakers and Celtics actually win back-to-back Championships, just shoot me in the head.)

MVP: Nathan Fields (17.7 ppg, 13.5 rpg, 2.9 apg)

ROTY: Anton Bullard

6th Man of the Year: Max McCarthy

DPOY: Nathan Fields

Most Improved Player: Andrea Avanti

Misc. Notes: Numbers (overall ratings and player statistics) are finally back to where they started. Walt Willis is a 98 overall.

#1 Pick: Genwei Lam (Rockets)

HOF Inductees: J.D. Brady, Al Parks

Year 36: 2052–53 (7 Hours In)

Champion: Hornets

MVP: Victor Anthony (19.7 ppg, 12.6 rpg, 2.8 apg)

ROTY: Sid Smart

Sixth Man of the Year: Max McCarthy (2 in a row)

DPOY: Victor Anthony

Most Improved Player: Kenny Smith (The Jet?)

Misc. Notes: Walt Willis became the first 99 (perfect) overall rated player I’ve seen, which I said would happen. Just sayin’.

#1 Pick: Denlison Andrade (Trailblazers)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 37: 2053–54

Champion: Spurs

MVP: Stevie Thorpe (14.0 ppg, 16.0 rpg, 4.9 apg)

ROTY: Kaya Demunyck

Sixth Man of the Year: Jessie Copeland

DPOY: Nathan Fields

Most Improved Player: Sylvester Peacock

Misc. Notes: Not exactly a thrilling year for basketball, but they did reinstate the 5-second back-to-the-basket violation!

#1 Pick: Wil Allen (Lakers)

HOF Inductees: Anderson Cole, Alfonso Sosa

Year 38: 2054–55

Champion: Clippers (Their first in franchise history)

MVP: Nathan Fields (21.4 ppg, 14.2 rpg, 2.6 apg)

ROTY: Uwe Schroeder

6th Man of the Year: Sean Bellamy

DPOY: Stevie Thorpe (18.5 rebounds a game)

Most Improved Player: Justin Harlan

Misc. Notes: Clippy is dead, but the Clippers are winning and LA is… confused. Andre Drummond wins Coach of the Year. J.D. Brady and Shelden Smith are the only two generated players to make the top 50 all-time scoring list.

#1 Pick: Jorge Bautista (Trailblazers)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 39: 2055–56

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Uwe Schroeder (16.5 ppg, 14.9 rpg, 6.2 apg)

ROTY: Florin Steffan

Sixth Man of the Year: Max McCarthy

DPOY: Nathan Fields (23.9 ppg, 16.1 rpg, 3.7 apg, and arguably a more- deserving MVP)

Most Improved Player: Shaun Patton

Misc. Notes: The MVP voting seems to be almost limited exclusively to big men.

#1 Pick: Marshall Sims (Jazz)

HOF Inductees: Isaac Ruffin, Cole Strong

Year 40: 2056–57

Champion: Warriors

MVP: Nathan Fields (27.2 ppg, 17.0 rpg, 3.4 apg, DOMINATION!)

ROTY: Marshall Sims

Sixth Man of the Year: Max McCarthy (his 4th)

DPOY: Nathan Fields

Most Improved Player: Vladimir Tomasevic

Misc. Notes: This is the halfway point! Time to start drinking!

#1 Pick: Damien Morris

HOF Inductees: Nikita Alenichev Jr.

Year 41: 2057–58

Champion: Clippers

MVP: Uwe Schroeder (18.3 ppg, 15.3 rpg, 6.3 apg)

ROTY: Damien Morris

6th Man of the Year: Christophe Girbaud

DPOY: Angelo Paciani

Most Improved Player: Genwei Lam

Misc. Notes: I got all the dust out of my ps4, so things are running a little smoother. Also, Walmart should not sell 4-packs of computer dusters.

#1 Pick: Gurshan Francis (Pacers, gonna be a stud)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 42: 2058–59

Champion: Spurs

MVP: Uwe Schroeder (2nd in a row, 19.5 ppg, 16.4 rpg, 6.5 apg)

ROTY: Gurshan Francis

Sixth Man of the Year: Sean Bellamy

DPOY: Uwe Schroeder

Most Improved Player: Damien Morris

Misc. Notes: FT percentages have been through the roof. Apparently big dudes learn how to shoot around 2025, because the average has been around 96% since.

#1 Pick: Gus Stinson (Suns)

HOF Inductees: Sebastien Saramago

Year 43: 2059–60

Champion: Nuggets

MVP: Nathan Fields (26.2 ppg, 18.2 rpg, 3.5 apg)

ROTY: Jimmie Wilcox

6th Man of the Year: Brent Brand

DPOY: Nathan Fields

Most Improved Player: Brent Brand

Misc. Notes: Despite being a 99-overall player for 5 years, a 7x All-NBA First-Team selection, and a 13x All-Star, Walt Willis has yet to be named MVP.

#1 Pick: Dion Barrett (Bucks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 44: 2060–61

Champion: Spurs

MVP: Wil Allen (26.7 ppg, 11.7 rpg, 5.9 apg)

ROTY: Dan Emerson

6th Man of the Year: Brent Brand

DPOY: Nathan Fields (18.7 rpg)

Most Improved Player: Marshall Sims

Misc. Notes: Uri Nevksy broke Steph Curry’s record of 3PTM in one game, after hitting 15 of them.

#1 Pick: Bill Martin (Grizzlies)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 45: 2061–62

Champion: Pacers

MVP: Wil Allen (Second in a row, 26.2 ppg, 11.4 rpg, 6.1 apg, 99% ft)

ROTY: Darnell Longley

Sixth Man of the Year: Dion Barrett

DPOY: Uwe Schroeder

Most Improved Player: Rolando Aldridge

Misc. Notes: Indiana seems like a sad place for a championship parade. I have learned a lot about crypto-currency in the last 2 hours.

#1 Pick: Donny Toole (Knicks)

HOF Inductees: Victor Anthony, Jamie Rowe

Year 46: 2062–63

Champion: Lakers

MVP: Wil Allen (3rd in a row, 21.3 ppg, 10.7 rpg, 6.5 apg)

ROTY: Lance Hammons

6th Man of the Year: Brent Brand

DPOY: Nelson Thomas

Most Improved Player: Nikita Alenichev Jr.

Misc. Notes: This is not the same as the other Nikita Alenichev. Gotta say, that wasn’t the name I expected to see repeated. The new one also managed to not attempt a single threepointer.

#1 Pick: J. C. Harrison (Hornets)

HOF Inductees: Steve Bradshaw, Ricky Coles

Year 47: 2063–64

Champion: Mavericks

MVP: Wil Allen (Fourth in a row, 23.1 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 7.1 apg, 99% ft)

ROTY: Stephen Micaud

6th Man of the Year: Johnny Cohen

DPOY: Damien Morris

Most Improved Player: Mac Weaver

Misc. Notes: I could have learned a second language by now…

#1 Pick: Frederick Wagner (Pistons)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 48: 2064–65

Champion: Trailblazers

MVP: Gurshan Francis (28.3 ppg, 8.4 rpg, 7.9 apg)

ROTY: Toni Bagaric

6th Man of the Year: Jayden Green

DPOY: Damien Morris

Most Improved Player: Dane Tyler

Misc. Notes: Henrik Andersson has the largest salary at $57.5 Million. The NBA is as talent-saturated as it’s been in years, maybe rivalling Year 1.

#1 Pick: Bryce Chapman (Raptors)

HOF Inductees: Walt Willis (no MVP’s…), Stevie Thorpe, Walt Roberts, Rex Anderson

Year 49: 2065–66

Champion: Mavericks

MVP: Gurshan Francis (28.3 ppg, 9.3 rpg, 8.2 apg, Lebron-esque)

ROTY: Bryce Chapman

Sixth Man of the Year: Connor Maxwell

DPOY: Damien Morris

Most Improved Player: Jimmie Rodgers

Misc. Notes: To elaborate on my observation that big men have been dominating the game, 4 of the top-6 all-time rebounders are generated players. We have also yet to have a 30 ppg season from a generated player.

#1 Pick: Kris Gilmore (Warriors)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 50: 2066–67

Champion: Hornets

MVP: Dion Barrett (29.2 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 6.8 apg)

ROTY: Kris Gilmore

6th Man of the Year: Damian Sharpe

DPOY: Damien Morris

Most Improved Player: Ervin Swanson

Champion: Hornets

Misc. Notes: The Bulls finish 19–63. #fireGARPAX

#1 Pick: Justin Rodgers (Pelicans)

HOF Inductees: Bryce Shepherd

Year 51: 2067–68 (10 hours in)

Champion: Mavericks

MVP: Wil Allen (25.3 ppg, 11.4 rpg, 5.7 apg)

ROTY: Sidney Ruffin

6th Man of the Year: Frederick Meyer

DPOY: Wil Allen

Most Improved Player: Scott Russell

Misc. Notes: Warriors 73 win season remains the best of all-time.

#1 Pick: Henry McCarty (Suns)

HOF Inductees: Nathan Fields, Yuri Nevsky

Year 52: 2068–69

Champion: Pistons

MVP: Dion Barrett (36.7 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 7.6 apg, 50% from the field, probably the best season ever)

ROTY: Henry McCarty

6th Man of the Year: Johnny Cohen

DPOY: Byrce Chapman

Most Improved Player: Shannon Outlaw

Misc. Notes: 8 players have 90+ ratings, the most since 2017.

#1 Pick: Kevin Beasley (Knicks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 53: 2069–70

Champion: Pistons

MVP: Bryce Chapman (21.0 ppg, 14.4 rpg, 6.4 apg)

ROTY: Tom Gentry

Sixth Man of the Year: Nelson Curry

DPOY: Wil Allen

Most Improved Player: Connor Garrett

Misc. Notes: Henrik Andersson passes Lebron for 2nd on the all-time scoring list, but retires 1.3k shy of Kareem.

#1 Pick: Leroy O’Bryant (Magic)

HOF Inductees: Uwe Schroeder, Henrik Andersson

Year 54: 2070–71

Champion: Mavericks

MVP: J.C. Harrison (32.8 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.6 apg, 99% ft)

ROTY: Stewart Hampton

Sixth Man of the Year: Alen Dabanovic

DPOY: Bryce Chapman

Most Improved Player: Stephen Silvestre

Misc. Notes: I’m gonna die here simming these fucking games.

#1 Pick: Spencer Washington (Pacers, very weak draft class)

HOF Inductees: Louis Ewing

Year 55: 2071–72

Champion: Pelicans

MVP: J.C. Harrison (28.6 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 6.4 apg)

ROTY: Pisike Bajza

Sixth Man of the Year: Jerry Person (this is what my brain calls Jerry Seinfeld)

DPOY: Damien Morris (his 5th)

Most Improved Player: Cecil Whitney

Misc. Notes: A handful of franchises have still never won an NBA title. Adam SIlver is still the commissioner at the ripe age of 110.

#1 Pick: Ronald Finley (Spurs)

HOF Inductees: Nelson Thomas

Year 56: 2072–73 (11 hours in)

Champion: Suns (First in franchise history)

MVP: Henry McCarty (27.3 ppg, 10.6 rpg, 6.1 apg)

ROTY: Hariss Eminescu (second coming)

Sixth Man of the Year: Jerry Person

DPOY: Justin Rodgers

Most Improved Player: Chester Tatum

Misc. Notes: Either this is a freak chance, or 2k has some sort of name-pairing system because that’s two rather obscure names that have been repeated.

#1 Pick: Derrick Moreland (Raptors)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 57: 2073–74

Champion: Rockets

MVP: Henry McCarty (25.4 ppg, 11.1 rpg, 5.7 apg)

ROTY: Bryce Shepard Jr.

Sixth Man of the Year: Nelson Curry

DPOY: Bryce Chapman (17.7 rpg)

Most Improved Player: Laurence Phillips

Misc. Notes: Richard Matthews will make $65.87 million next year. Suns team salary totals 260 million, roughly 15 million more than the franchise is probably worth.

#1 Pick: Jamal Swift (Thunder)

HOF Inductees: Donte Johnson, Florin Stefan, D.J. Franklin

Year 58: 2074–75

Champion: Clippers

MVP: Bryce Chapman

ROTY: Jamal Swift

6th Man of the Year: Bryan Clark

DPOY: Benjamin Anderson

Most Improved Player: Henrik Joansson

Misc. Notes: Once again have a glut of 90+ players. I can’t wait for 3 of them to team up in free agency.

#1 Pick: Bradford Strawberry (Also #1 overall in my draft of players with sweet names)

HOF Inductees: Arnold Klein

Year 59: 2075–76

Champion: Raptors (first in franchise history)

MVP: Henry McCarty (28.5 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 4.7 apg)

ROTY: Bradford Strawberry (knew it…)

6th Man of the Year: Jaime Singletary

DPOY: Justin Rodgers

Most Improved Player: Sammy Anthony

Misc. Notes: The Jazz have yet to win an NBA title.

#1 Pick: Lawrence Arnold (Trailblazers)

Hall of Fame Inductees: Wil Allen

Year 60: 2076–77

Champion: Magic

MVP: Henry McCarty (4 in 5 years, 26.1 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 5.7 apg)

ROTY: Lawrence Arnold

6th Man of the Year: Henry Pederson Jr.

DPOY: Chucky Buckner (These fucking names just keep getting better)

Most Improved Player: Irvin Thompson

Misc. Notes: The top 25 free throw shooters of all time are now all generated players. Johan Svennson shot 99% over 14 seasons.

#1 Pick: Steven Robertson (Hawks)

HOF Inductees: Damien Morris

Year 61: 2077–78

Champion: Suns

MVP: Henry McCarthy (5 in 6 years, 27.9 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 5.6 apg)

ROTY: Steven Robertson

6th Man of the Year: Eugene Davenport

DPOY: Chucky Buckner

Most Improved Player: Laurence Briggs

Misc. Notes: Yeah… I got nothin. We’ll be done soon. I wonder what that final screen is gonna look like?

#1 Pick: Bradley Hope (76’ers)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 62: 2078

Champion: Kings

MVP: Henry McCarty (6 in 7 years, 27.7 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 6.1 apg)

ROTY: Bradley Hope

Sixth Man of the Year: Mlauden Gurovic

DPOY: Justin Rodgers

Most Improved Player: Tim Hailey

Misc. Notes: Henry McCarty will likely go down as the most decorated player of all-time, and if the simulator wasn’t so random, he would have more titles.

#1 Pick: Joathan Adams Jr. (Pacers)

HOF Inductees: Gurshan Francis, Dion Barrett, Dan Emerson, Toni Bagaric

Year 63: 2079–80

Champion: Wizards

MVP: Jamal Swift ( 28.3 ppg, 9.0 rpg, 5.8 apg)

ROTY: Lance Jennings

6th Man of the Year: Ernest Geiger

DPOY: Chucky Buckner

Most Improved Player: Wil Sampson

Misc. Notes: Teams have an average of about 13 numbers retired.

#1 Pick: Jimmy Terry (Grizzlies)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 64: 2080–81

Champion: Lakers

MVP: Ronald Finley (23.6 ppg, 13.4 rpg, 2.9 apg)

ROTY: Havel Dugonics

6th Man of the Year: Ernest Geiger

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher

Most Improved Player: Johan Sundin

Misc. Notes: Shea Serrano is still tweeting away in the social media sidebar like it’s 2017.

#1 Pick: Frank Allen (Nets)

HOF Inductees: Noel Chambers

Year 65: 2081–82

Champion: Rockets

MVP: Jamal Swift (30.0 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 7.7 apg)

ROTY: Eric Cheeks

Sixth Man of the Year: Jackson Howell

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher

Most Improved Player: Garry Gatson (up-and-coming rapper, Garry Gatson)

Misc. Notes: The Suns did not age out of their prime very well…Sudden death rule was eliminated for this year and the overtime rules were reverted back to default, players are now eligible for the draft at 19.

#1 Pick: Ron Sparks (Suns)

HOF Inductees: J.C. Harrison

Year 66: 2082–83 (13 hours in)

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Jamal Swift (2nd in a row, 27.5 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 7.3 apg)

ROTY: Dino Bagaric

6th Man of the Year: Edmund Cross

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher

Most Improved Player: Calvin Weaver

Misc. Notes: I’m just going to plug r/ScottishPeopleTwitter because it is getting me through this madness

#1 Pick: Giogios Giannou (Magic)

HOF Inductees: Bryce Chapman (14.5 rpg for his career)

Year 67: 2083–84

Champion: Wizards

MVP: Jamal Swift (3rd in a row, 26.0 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 7.3 apg)

ROTY: Claudio Batista

6th Man of the Year: Jackson Howell

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (4 in a row)

Most Improved Player: Ron Sparks

Misc. Notes: The salary cap is now $174.5 million. Shot clock is 35 seconds again, so just go ahead and kill me.

#1 Pick: Alejandro Garcia (Bucks. Very, very weak draft class. He’s a 68 overall)

HOF Inductees: Frederick Wagner, Brent Christie

Year 68: 2084–85

Champion: Pacers

MVP: Wil Sampson (8.3 apg, 1.7 rpg, 6.6 apg)

ROTY: Garrett Porter

6th Man of the Year: Eddie Sheridan

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (5 in a row)

Most Improved Player: Dick Westphal

Misc. Notes: I could have flown from Chicago to Tokyo in the amount of time I’ve spent doing this simulation.

#1 Pick: Okan Izzet (Bulls, 3-year draft stash)

HOF Inductees: Henry McCarty, Francis Garnett (descendant of kevin?), Pisike Bajza, Stewart Hampton

Year 69: 2085–86

Champion: Heat

MVP: Marcel Dupin (9.1 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 4.1 apg)

ROTY: Marcel Dupin (Dupin is just the third player in NBA History to win MVP and ROTY in the same season (Wes Unseld and Wilt Chamberlain were the other two.)

Sixth Man of the Year: Eric Cheeks

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (6th in a row)

Most Improved Player: Matt Hubbard

Misc. Notes: The top scorer in the All-Star Game had 11 points.

#1 Pick: Jud Ray Jr.

HOF Inductees: None

Year 70: 2086–87

Champion: Heat

MVP: Kyle Rowe (10.9 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 0.4 apg)

ROTY: Norman Barnett

Sixth Man of the Year: Eric Cheeks

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (7 in a row)

Most Improved Player: Dana Burns

Misc. Notes: The league minimum is $5.68 million, No centers were drafted until the 21st pick, so maybe it’s the era of the guards again.

#1 Pick: Clark Hubbard (Suns)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 71: 2087–88 (14 hours in)

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Rabiu Afolabi (10.6 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 0.9 apg)

ROTY: Chase Smith

6th Man of the Year: Terrell Hopkins

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (his 8th…)

Most Improved Player: Maurice James

Misc. Notes: The Knicks had both the 3rd and 4th overall picks.

#1 Pick: Monty Singleton (Bucks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 72: 2088–89

Champion: Bulls

MVP: Bradley Hope (15.4 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 5.0 apg)

ROTY: Okan Izzet

6th Man of the Year: Eric Cheeks

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (9th in a row…)

Most Improved Player: Doyle Cassell

Misc. Notes: Dion Barrett, Gurshan Francis, and Henrik Anderssen all scored more career points than LeBron, but still ended up with fewer than Kareem.

#1 Pick: Rex Moody (Grizzlies)

HOF Inductees: Tom Gentry, Chucky Buckner

Year 73: 2089–90

Champion: 76ers

MVP: Norman Barnett (16.4 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 3.0 apg)

ROTY: Jason Keller

Sixth Man of the Year: Francis Holmes

DPOY: Tyler Fletcher (this is just preposterous)

Most Improved Player: Tommy Jinks (action hero name?)

Misc Notes: I have a bottle of champagne for when this is over….

#1 Pick: Al Wright (Lakers)

HOF Inductees: Kenneth Cannon, Ernest Bernard, Henrik Johansson)

Year 74: 2090–91

Champion: Wizards

MVP: Bradley Hope (20.7 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 5.5 apg)

ROTY: Al Wright

6th Man of the Year: Eric Cheeks

DPOY: Okan Izzet

Most Improved Player: Horace Saunders

Misc. Notes: 3-second violations changed to 5-seconds.

#1 Pick: Dustin Washburn (Hawks)

HOF Inductees: Ronald Finley

Year 75: 2091–92

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Tommy Jinks (11.2 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 1.8 apg)

ROTY: Shane Benjamin

6th Man of the Year: Pete Holland

DPOY: Garrett Porter

Most Improved Player: Eric Gadson

Misc. Notes: It’d be really nice to sit down..And play a real game of 2k…

#1 Pick: Chad Grace (Rockets)

HOF Inductees: Jamal Swift

Year 76: 2092–93 (15 hours in)

Champion: Thunder

MVP: Jud Ray Jr. (13.2 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 2.4 apg)

ROTY: Chad Grace

6th Man of the Year: Barney Boone

DPOY: Okan Izzet

Most Improved Player: Clark Hubbard

Misc. Notes: Coaches’ contracts have not scaled with the rising salary cap and hypothetical inflation.

#1 Pick: Jimmy Augustin (Hawks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 77: 2093–94

Champion: Hawks (first since 1958, a 135 year drought…)

MVP: Jud Ray Jr. (2nd in a row, 15.1 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 2.2 apg)

ROTY: Jimmy Augustin

6th Man of the Year: Pete Holland

DPOY: Okan Izzet

Most Improved Player: Wade Jenkins

Misc. Notes: The top 10 all-time points per game list looks completely different, indicating that generated players had much more durability than real ones, as they put up more points over the course of their careers without having particularly massive scoring seasons individually.

#1 Pick: O.J. Farmer (Knicks)

HOF Inductees: None

Year 78: 2094–95

Champion: Kings

MVP: Jud Ray Jr. (14.5 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 2.2 apg)

ROTY: O.J. Farmer

6th Man of the Year: Mitchell Tatum

DPOY: Okan Izzet

Most Improved Player: Jevon Brown

Misc. Notes: Little do these young guns know… the league is gonna come crashing down in 2 more years…

#1 Pick: Kenneth Wilks (Wizards)

HOF Inductees: Dave O’Neal

Year 79: 2095–96

League Champion: Hawks

MVP: Monty Singleton (24.8 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 5.5 apg)

ROTY: Kevin Slaughter

Sixth Man of the Year: Homer Simmons

DPOY: Chad Grace

Most Improved Player: Paul Arnold

Misc. Notes: Shot clock is now down to 20 seconds!!!

#1 Pick: Randy Schayes (Hornets)

HOF Inductees: Steven Robertson

Year 80: 2096–97

So apparently this is where the game just starts to crash. I guess that’s all folks.

First, a recap of all the Champions:

Chicago Bulls: 8x

Golden State Warriors: 6x

Oklahoma City Thunder: 6x

Houston Rockets: 4x

Los Angeles Lakers: 4x

Milwaukee Bucks: 4x

New Orleans Pelicans: 4x

Washington Wizards: 4x

San Antonio Spurs: 4x

Charlotte Hornets: 3x

Dallas Mavericks: 3x

Denver Nuggets: 3x

LA Clippers: 3x

Sacramento Kings: 3x

Atlanta Hawks: 2x

Boston Celtics: 2x

Detroit Pistons: 2x

Indiana Pacers: 2x

Miami Heat: 2x

Phoenix Suns: 2x

Philadelphia 76ers: 2x

Brooklyn Nets: 1x

Minnesota Timberwolves: 1x

Memphis Grizzlies: 1x

Toronto Raptors: 1x

Orlando Magic: 1x

Portland Trail Blazers: 1x

Utah Jazz: 0 (like… ever….)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 0

New York Knicks: 0

We saw two dynasties form, as the Bulls won an absurd 5 championships in 6 years (2022–2027), while the current Warriors squad ended up with 5 in 8 years, from 2014–2021. The big thing to remember here is that 2k can’t account for something like the incredible infrastructure that the Spurs have built over the years, or the inevitability of KD switching to the Vegas favorite once the Warriors start to decline. One interesting thing to note is there were 5 teams who were able to repeat as NBA champions (Bucks, Thunder, Heat, Warriors and Bulls) and two that were able to pull off the three-peat (Warriors and Bulls).

As for what we can really take away from this simulation, here are a few themes I found along the way.

Lengthening the shot clock might actually ruin the NBA.

If you’re looking for a way to counter the high-flying, spread-the-floor, three- ball-oriented offenses of the 2010’s, lengthening the shot clock should be a key plank of your platform. You’d be a monster for wanting to ruin the fun for everyone, but it would work. In the simulation, the shot clock was lengthened to 35 seconds, effectively allowing defensive-minded teams to stifle the pace of play down to such an extent that the league’s leading scorers struggled to put up 20 ppg. Two things with this: 1) The shot clock will never be lengthened to 35 seconds, as the group of people pining for this rule change would be rather small and fans tend to like fast-paced basketball, and 2) Even if it did, the league would be hard-pressed to find teams that would put those extra seconds to use.

The talent in the league is geared towards fitting the current run-and-gun, three-point shooting style of the modern Warriors (and the Suns before them). This style has trickled-down to the lowest levels of competitive basketball, and young players are being groomed to fit these roles. An abrupt change in the style of play would lead to the kinds of numbers we saw players put up in the simulation during the 30/35 second shot clock eras, and would force multiple generations of players into roles they aren’t fit for. This wouldn’t help anyone, outside of maybe the Pistons with Andre Drummond, or the Grizzlies if they want to revert back to their grit and grind days. This is all to say that basically, this would never happen, but it is kind of cool to look at what might happen to the league if it did.

Apparently, the solution to the ‘hack-a’ strategy is to teach big men how to shoot free throws at a 99% clip.

In short, this also will never, ever happen. The sim saw multiple players have 99% seasons from the line, and Johan Svennson even shoot 99% over a 14-year career. (I’d like to think this happened after everyone started shooting underhand). No matter how you slice it though, this efficiency is beyond unrealistic. For reference, Jose Calderon has the best single-season free throw percentage in league history at just above 98%).

If 2k is right, it’s gonna be a rough 8 decades for Jazz and Cavs fans. Oh, and did I mention that the Knicks didn’t win either?

Sorry Utah, you still don’t have an NBA championship. For the sake of Jazz fans, I hope 2k is wrong. As for the Cavs, it’s hard to imagine that LeBron goes ringless, yet in this simulation, he spent the rest of his days in Cleveland, on teams that were always competitive, but never champions. They also never managed to have the #1 pick, which makes this all the odder. And, I can’t make this shit up… the Knicks didn’t win a title either, which makes for a 122-year drought. Statistically, it seems unlikely that any team could not win a championship in the next 80 years, but crazier things have happened, and if it happened to anyone, it’d be tortured Knicks fans.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record might be untouchable.

Two things undercut my prediction that LeBron would become the league’s all-time scoring leader: the shot clock rule change, and his earlier (than expected) retirement. For whatever reason, LeBron decided to walk away a year before he would have passed Kareem. Come to think of it, the three generated players who finished above him also retired within a good season’s point total of Kareem, so maybe that’s just not a record that any of us will ever live to see broken. Wilt’s rebound record is also in this unbreakable conversation, as no one got within four thousand rebounds of the Stilt.

We are in the midst of an incredible era for basketball.

Current players did well in this simulation. Steph dominated (as expected) finishing with 4,456 career 3-pointers made. Kevin Durant outscored Michael Jordan. Markelle Fultz made the fucking Hall-of-Fame. Current players generally held their own, even among the dominating computer-generated players. The game’s also being played incredibly fast (not like Oscar Robertson era fast, but still pretty fast), and players are shooting way more threes than ever before, upping scoring efficiency across the board. Finally, this era of players is simply bigger, faster, stronger, and more talented than any era we‘ve ever had. So yes, I think history will look back on this era favorably. Then again, that’s probably what every era says, so what the hell do I know.

In the end, the fact that one of the most accurate and thorough basketball simulators can’t give a perfect conception of what the NBA will look like over the next 80 years shouldn’t be all that surprising. Imagine the feeling you would have had if I told you in 2007 that a 7’3’’ dude from Latvia would go on to win the 2017 NBA Skills Competition — and that was only a decade ago. Now consider that there are probably hundreds of surprises just like that waiting for us over the next 80 years. So sit back, and enjoy watching it all play out.

Parker Goss
Parker Goss
Parker Goss is a former collegiate bowler at the University of Illinois, where he dedicated himself to Recreational Sports Programming and officiating for the past four years. He’s a Senior Writer for Grandstand Central, where he writes on gambling, esports, and fan culture.


  1. OMG. I actually made it to the end. Cavs didn’t win a championship in the next 80 years? Jazz, what people say “the sleeper team, the most slept team” has been hibernated for 80 years. LMFAO yeah keep sleeping bud, looks like your team is in the coma and is never gonna wake up anytime soon.
    Knicks, its not a surprise. They are just trash and bad luck. I think its time for them to be like Seattle Supersonics and relocate or shut down the franchise and make way for a new expansion team. Its not a bad idea, a new expansion team, im pretty sure they will have more success if not (if it ended badly), at least they are not the knicks.
    Yeah the knicks are the browns of NBA. To the jazz, its ok to use this excuse: At least we are not the knicks. LMFAO

  2. jesus. I actually made it to the end. Cavs didn’t win a championship in the next 80 years? Jazz, what people say “the sleeper team, the most slept team” has been hibernated for 80 years. LMFAO yeah keep sleeping bud, looks like your team is in the coma and is never gonna wake up anytime soon.
    Knicks, its not a surprise. They are just trash and bad luck. I think its time for them to be like Seattle Supersonics and relocate or shut down the franchise and make way for a new expansion team. Its not a bad idea, a new expansion team, im pretty sure they will have more success if not (if it ended badly), at least they are not the knicks.
    Yeah the knicks are the browns of NBA. To the jazz, its ok to use this excuse: At least we are not the knicks. LMFAO


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