Racism in soccer

Soccer Won’t Solve Its Racism Problem with Toothless Measures

Soccer's standard response to racism is stadium bans and small fines, but it'll take more than that to solve this persistent issue.

Finding Básquet in the Land of Fútbol

A journey into the heart of Argentinian professional basketball.
US Olympic Athletes Look to Start a Union

U.S. Olympic Athletes Set Sights on Organizing a Union

United States Olympians are upping their unionization efforts in wake of the USA Gymnastics sexual assault scandal.

Will Sports Finally Have Its #MeToo Moment?

With Ronaldo, we have a chance to get it right. He may be innocent, the investigation may conclude so, but he also may be guilty and we should commit to that possibility with equal conviction.
MNUFC Miami MLS Comparison

Stadium Financing History has MLS Thriving in Minnesota, Drowning in Miami

How stadium funding and construction history has made Minnesota a mini-Mecca of American professional sports while Miami's MLS hopes are drowning in Jeffrey Loria's wake.
The dangers of single sport specialization in youth athletics

The Dangers of Early Sport Specialization

Playing only one sport from a young age can have major consequences.
FIFA concussino

How to Fix FIFA’s Concussion Protocol

Four years after letting down its players in Brazil, FIFA proved once again that they don't take concussion symptoms seriously. Let's change that.
stick to sports world cup

The World Cup Was Another Blow to the Stick to Sports Movement

The ‘shut up and dribble’ crowd was proven wrong once again, this time on soccer’s biggest stage.
Headers Soccer Concussions Brain Injuries

Do Headers In Soccer Lead to Brain Injuries?

England's Raheem Sterling lobs the ball to the far post having picked out Delle Alli, who rises to meet the ball and powerfully heads...
Smartest athletes sports academic honour roll

The Athlete Honour Roll

Recognizing the smartest athletes in sports.