The Week That Was: Mamba Mentality, Rae Carruth, and Another Trump Tweetstorm

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How Antonio Gates Went From Faking a Heart Attack to an All-World Athlete

Before he was football legend, Antonio Gates was just another Kent State basketball player no one else wanted.

What the ’65 Boycott Can Teach Us About Kaepernick

53 years after players boycotted the AFL All-Star Game in New Orleans due to racial injustice, not much has changed.
Cannabiz Business

The Key Players Making Pot Their Business

Here are just a few of the people in sports taking a vested interest in the marijuana industry.

Perfect Pot Pairings for Playing and Watching Sports

Perfect pot pairings for playing and watching Big Four sports live and on TV, and whether you should smoke, vape, or eat cannabis to enhance your sports.
Cannabis sports stadiums

Cannabis in the Concession Stands

A look at how Canada's legalization of weed could impact the in-stadium experience.
Drug testing marijuana sports

How the Testing Policies for Weed Vary by League

No two drug policies are the same.
Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

Julian Edelman Was Right to Use PEDs

The Patriots' receiver faced an uncertain future after a devastating injury. Who wouldn't do everything in their power to improve their chances of recovery?
Earl Thomas is the last straw

Earl Thomas is the Last Straw for NFL Players

Earl Thomas’s injury could trigger the first NFL player strike in over 30 years.
Lessons from the 2011 Lockout

Lessons from the 2011 NFL Lockout

With storm clouds on the horizon, and another lockout looming, we look back on the causes and ramifications of the 2011 NFL lockout.