Drug testing marijuana sports

How the Testing Policies for Weed Vary by League

No two drug policies are the same.
Cannabiz Business

The Key Players Making Pot Their Business

Here are just a few of the people in sports taking a vested interest in the marijuana industry.

The NFL Needs to Answer for the Fournette Situation

Recent moves by the NFL are leaving us with many unanswered questions and concerns. Plus, big developments for pro athletes across the board.
NFL question player sexuality

NFL Teams Once Again Ask Prospects About Their Sexuality

Once again, teams asked a player if they were gay at the NFL combine.

The AAF Shows That Change Can Happen Overnight

Meet the Alliance of American Football, the new test tube the NFL is monitoring for awesome rules changes.

How Antonio Gates Went From Faking a Heart Attack to an All-World Athlete

Before he was football legend, Antonio Gates was just another Kent State basketball player no one else wanted.

Troy Brown New England Patriots

Troy Brown on Tom Brady, Bill Parcells, and Being Cut

Plus, Brown discusses the moment he knew his career was over.
Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

How Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

It’s Saturday, October 28th, 2023—Game 7 of the World Series. Starting on the mound is baseball’s best pitcher—and hitter. He’s pitching to the reigning MVP—of the NFL.

Fixing The NFL’s Non-Existent Domestic Violence and Assault Policy

It’s time to dethrone King Goodell and take a more level-headed and transparent approach to crucial decision making.

Eric Reid Puts the NFL (and NFLPA) on Notice

The NFL comes out in support of social justice issues amid questionable investigation results, outstanding grievances, and lawsuits. Off the diamond, and no matter how you spin it, baseball is going to war.