The NFL Draft Is Practically Its Own Sport

The NFL has plenty of issues, but staying front-of-mind in the current sports landscape isn’t one of them. The NFL Draft has become a season of its own.
McGill redmen

McGill University Dumped the “Redmen” Nickname, and Somehow that’s Controversial

The Montreal university finally decided that 'enough is enough' with the Redmen nickname, shining light back on the debate of whether a term's origin is more important than its current connotation.
MLB rule changes

Are the Major Sports Finally Listening and Adapting?

After plenty of same-old, same-old, major sports leagues are finally making moves when it comes to rules changes.
Player Agency

NFL Players are Fighting for Their Agency

Lately, some NFL players have made a push for more personal agency. But can they reach the same level as the NBA?
Troy Brown New England Patriots

Troy Brown on Tom Brady, Bill Parcells, and Being Cut

Plus, Brown discusses the moment he knew his career was over.
Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

How Shoehei Ohtani and Kyler Murray Make 2023 Year of the GOATs

It’s Saturday, October 28th, 2023—Game 7 of the World Series. Starting on the mound is baseball’s best pitcher—and hitter. He’s pitching to the reigning MVP—of the NFL.
Colin Kaepernick's Collusion Case

Breaking Down Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Case Against the NFL

With Colin Kaepernick's surprising settlement with the NFL, we're taking an in-depth look into his case.
Gruesome sports injuries

How We Became Obsessed With Gruesome Sports Injuries

The age of sports-media saturation has fed our long-enduring fascination with gruesome sports injuries, but why are we drawn to the grotesque?

The AAF Shows That Change Can Happen Overnight

Meet the Alliance of American Football, the new test tube the NFL is monitoring for awesome rules changes.
Tom Brady MAGA Hat

Tom Brady and the Unlucky Red Cap

Donald Trump's MAGA hat has only gotten more toxic, but Touchdown Tom has outlasted the controversy.