Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya and the “Mannish” Sportswoman

The IAAF’s sex-testing of Caster Semenya, sanctioned by this week’s court victory, reflects a long history of gender anxieties in sports.
maternity leave athletes

Maternity Leave For Athletes, Explained

Why maternity leave is such an essential benefit for female athletes, like the women's hockey players threatening to play anywhere but North America.
Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

With his Masters victory, Tiger Woods once again embodied the nation's imaginary self.

¿Beisbol y Cuba Libre?

The Trump administration canceled a deal allowing Cuban baseball players to sign with MLBforcing players to risk their lives to follow their dreams.
McGill redmen

McGill University Dumped the “Redmen” Nickname, and Somehow that’s Controversial

The Montreal university finally decided that 'enough is enough' with the Redmen nickname, shining light back on the debate of whether a term's origin is more important than its current connotation.

What’s up with the Lack of Body Diversity in Women’s Activewear?

While brands may talk a good game when it comes to positive body images, their offerings on the rack leave much to be desired.

Finding Básquet in the Land of Fútbol

A journey into the heart of Argentinian professional basketball.
The Prohibitive Costs of Figure Skating

The Prohibitive Costs of Figure Skating

Just how prohibitive are the costs of figure skating? Parents take out second mortgages and live in motor homes so their children can participate.
Mountain Climbing

Step Outside and Climb a Mountain

We all crave outdoor adventures and trips to far away lands, but what does it mean to us? And what does it mean to others?
Tom Brady MAGA Hat

Tom Brady and the Unlucky Red Cap

Donald Trump's MAGA hat has only gotten more toxic, but Touchdown Tom has outlasted the controversy.