maternity leave athletes

Maternity Leave For Athletes, Explained

Why maternity leave is such an essential benefit for female athletes, like the women's hockey players threatening to play anywhere but North America.
Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

Tiger Woods and the Cycle of American Redemption

With his Masters victory, Tiger Woods once again embodied the nation's imaginary self.

¿Beisbol y Cuba Libre?

The Trump administration canceled a deal allowing Cuban baseball players to sign with MLBforcing players to risk their lives to follow their dreams.
US Olympic Athletes Look to Start a Union

U.S. Olympic Athletes Set Sights on Organizing a Union

United States Olympians are upping their unionization efforts in wake of the USA Gymnastics sexual assault scandal.
Colin Kaepernick's Collusion Case

Breaking Down Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Case Against the NFL

With Colin Kaepernick's surprising settlement with the NFL, we're taking an in-depth look into his case.
Environmentally Friendlier NHL Arenas

Imagining Environmentally Friendlier NHL Arenas

How Minnesota's U.S. Bank Stadium provides a blueprint for building environmentally friendlier NHL arenas.
Tom Brady MAGA Hat

Tom Brady and the Unlucky Red Cap

Donald Trump's MAGA hat has only gotten more toxic, but Touchdown Tom has outlasted the controversy.
MLBPA Tony Clark

MLB Picking a Fight MLBPA’s Tony Clark is Ready to Finish

Both the MLBPA and NHLPA are in positions to leverage their power prior to CBA negotiations with preemptive player strikes. But will they?
NHL All-Star Jerseys

The NHL All-Star Jerseys Are a Pandering Ploy, but Buy One Anyway

The NHL is appealing to fans' environmental concerns for a profit, both financially and reputably, from selling eco-friendly, All-Star jerseys made of recycled plastics. Why you should buy the shirt but not the bullshit.
An Environmentally Friendlier NBA

An Environmentally Friendlier NBA

An investigation into the climate costs of NBA air travel and how to make the regular season schedule environmentally friendlier.