#forthegame women's hockey

Is #ForTheGame the best approach for women’s hockey?

We asked players, management and industry insiders to weigh-in on the player boycott.
MLB Attendance is Down but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

MLB Attendance is Down, but the St. Paul Saints have a Solution

What Major League Baseball can learn from the Independent League team with the highest and most consistent attendance.
Carter Stewart

Carter Stewart will not Damage the MLB Draft

Skipping the minors for Japan might be bold, but it doesn’t necessarily make Carter Stewart a trail blazer when it comes to the MLB Draft.
pro women's hockey players union

Pro Women’s Hockey Players Announce New Union

The One Big Union fighting for equity and justice for all professional women's hockey players.
WNBA CBS Sports TV Deal

WNBA, CBS Sports Deal is a Start 23 Years in the Making

The WNBA doubling their national TV schedule is a step in the right direction, but what comes after will be even more important for the league’s success.

The NFL Draft Is Practically Its Own Sport

The NFL has plenty of issues, but staying front-of-mind in the current sports landscape isn’t one of them. The NFL Draft has become a season of its own.
WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart

The WNBA Lost Its MVP to an Avoidable Injury

Many WNBA players play in Europe to augment their salaries, resulting in year-round basketball and increased risk of injury.

¿Beisbol y Cuba Libre?

The Trump administration canceled a deal allowing Cuban baseball players to sign with MLBforcing players to risk their lives to follow their dreams.

The Duke Fan Who Can’t Enjoy Zion Williamson

How empathy for victims of unfair labor practices affect this fan's consumption of sports.
Player Agency

NFL Players are Fighting for Their Agency

Lately, some NFL players have made a push for more personal agency. But can they reach the same level as the NBA?