Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader Face of Anti-hate Movement

How Josh Hader Can Become the Face of the Anti-Hate Movement

After racist and homophobic tweets made at 17 were uncovered, Josh Hader is uniquely positioned to be the face of the anti-hate movement.
Josh Hader young and dumb excuse isn't good enough

Josh Hader’s ‘Young and Dumb’ Excuse Isn’t Good Enough

The Milwaukee Brewers’ star tried to blame his homophobic, racist and misogynistic tweets on youth and immaturity. Nobody’s buying it.
What if LeBron were gay?

What if LeBron Were Gay?

Exploring the hypothetical impact of a superstar athlete coming out and identifying under the LGBTQ2IA umbrella.
NFL question player sexuality

NFL Teams Once Again Ask Prospects About Their Sexuality

Once again, teams asked a player if they were gay at the NFL combine.
Kevin Pillar slur

If You Think Slurs Belong in Sports, You’re an Idiot

Fans were quick to come to Kevin Pillar's defense after he caught using a homophobic slur. The only question is, why are they defending him?