Women world cup

The Women’s World Cup Is Being Shortchanged

FIFA and U.S. Soccer continue to fail the USWNT and the Women's World Cup on pay, travel, and even ticket logistics.
MLB toxic masculinity

Stop Letting Kids Get Hit in the Face with Baseballs Because of Your Toxic...

MLB's toxic masculinity isn't exclusive to its fans. Commissioner Rob Manfred doesn't think expanding ballpark netting is necessary either.
#forthegame women's hockey

Is #ForTheGame the best approach for women’s hockey?

We asked players, management and industry insiders to weigh-in on the player boycott.
Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd’s Hiring Shows NBA’s Continued Failure on Domestic Violence

Jason Kidd received another NBA coaching job, even with his long history of domestic violence. He is just one example of a systemic NBA failure.
WNBA CBS Sports TV Deal

WNBA, CBS Sports Deal is a Start 23 Years in the Making

The WNBA doubling their national TV schedule is a step in the right direction, but what comes after will be even more important for the league’s success.
Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya and the “Mannish” Sportswoman

The IAAF’s sex-testing of Caster Semenya, sanctioned by this week’s court victory, reflects a long history of gender anxieties in sports.
maternity leave athletes

Maternity Leave For Athletes, Explained

Why maternity leave is such an essential benefit for female athletes, like the women's hockey players threatening to play anywhere but North America.
Minnesota Whitecaps Women's Professional Hockey Player Allie Thunstrom

When Professional Hockey is Your Side Hustle

How women's professional hockey players for the Minnesota Whitecaps manage to chase championship dreams while chasing kids and working full-time gigs.
women in sportsvideo

Ainka Jess of She’s4Sports on the Sexualization of Women in Sports

Plus, a conversation about how sports media organizations can improve female fan engagement.

We Need to Do a Better Job of Protecting Young Athletes

The #metoo movement sparked discussion around consent and power dynamics in relationships. However, the discussion about #metoo has been somewhat limited in sport, where many participants are underage. With the power dynamics in play, sports need to place a higher focus on safe sport practices, and keeping participants safe.