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Introducing the GSC Affiliate Store, a place to buy things and keep our pockets stuffed with league-minimum salaries.

Here at Grandstand Central, it’s our goal to bring you all the stories, critiques, depraved thought-exercises, and sports-related tangents we can dream up.

When it comes to making you angry though, we want it to be because you think our opinions are wrong, not because a pop-up-ad hawking ‘genital enhancement pills’ hovers over our think-piece on the lack of gender diversity in league offices.

That’s why we’re doing something a little different. To keep our work as spam-free as possible (while still preventing our bookies from entering ‘knee-breaking’ mode) we’ve launched our very own Affiliate Store.

Below, you’ll find links to a number of brands and websites that we regularly shop on ourselves, from Amazon to Nike to Lids to SeatGeek. Every time you click on and shop one of those links, we get a tasty referral fee, at no extra charge to you. You get those spoons you’ve been craving, we get to pay our electricity bills, and we both get to keep enjoying what our GSC brains will come up with next. Win-win-win.

Bless capitalism.

(Before you start shopping, don’t forget to bookmark this page on your browser, so you can come back here often.)

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